Your star accessories… the necklaces attached to the neck! –

Since always much more than necklaces…

Your perfect allies!

They’re here!

A lot of new designs and styles that are inspired by what the bloggers and fashion designers put on the front line of the new season.

A successful trend that is also very fine, is to take the collars around the neckThe necklace is made of a special material, the same as the necklaces of all times, but with hidden pendants in various sizes.

In this post we could talk about the typical bib necklaces but we’ll leave that for another time. Here we are going to focus on pendants and glued necklaces that are thin and beautifully disguised.

You will be able to be seen with your usual dresses but accompanied like never before

collars around the neck

Are you in too?

Every day there are more “must have” accessories, that is, you must have them to complement any look perfectly

Do you prefer long ones?

long necklaces of costume jewelry

You can visit our post about necklaces for sweaters and shirts. You’ll discover some tricks and looks that are foolproof!

The luxury is to go light and elegant!

Let nothing weigh on our day-to-day existence… Not even a necklace around the neck. I’ll never tire of repeating it… many times less is more

If you are in the process of learning how to give jewelry to your girlfriend, this accessory is one of the most desired for many girls! A ring, your name, her name, a key… there are so many options for so many occasions. Make sure you keep an eye on your girlfriend’s favorites!

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