Home Rings Wire rings and colored beads. I will explain how they are made.

Wire rings and colored beads. I will explain how they are made.

Wire rings and colored beads.  I will explain how they are made.

Designing your own rings is easier than you might think!

In this tutorial I explain how to make rings with wire and beads. The beads can be accounts recycled from a bracelet or necklace that you no longer use. As for the wire, I have used thread wire 0.35 mm. But, if you want them to be more resistant, I recommend using aluminum wire that is more than 1 mm thick.


In addition, you will also need a support to model the ring. You can use a marker or any other cylindrical object with a thickness similar to your fingers.

If you prefer, get a ring gauge stick or chuck. They are tubes with different measures that, in addition to helping us to know the exact size of a ring, serve as a basis for making them.

Steps to create a ring:

Short a piece of wire. Mine was about 40 cm, but obviously its length will vary depending on the size of the stone with which you decorate it, as well as the thickness of your fingers.

Enter the bill by one of the ends of the wire until it is located in the central part. Try to leave the same amount of wire on both sides of the bead.

Place the wire strand over the support and cross the capes from behind, to the opposite side.

Pass the end on the right side over the bead and the end on the left under the bead (or vice versa)

Take one of the two ends and surrounds with him the account.

Do the same with the other, but in the opposite direction.

When the stone is secure, remove the ring from the holder

Roll up the leftover ends on both sides of the bead. The more turns you give, the safer it will be.

Cut the excess wire with pliers and squeeze it, ensuring that the pointed end is squashed. The safest thing is that you place it on the outside, so that it is not in contact with your finger.

As you can see, making rings like the ones in the video is not a complicated task. In addition to entertaining, allows us Recycle accounts old necklaces and bracelets. The result: original rings, unique and very, very economic.

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