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Snake cuff from the Venenum collection by the Vertigo jewelry laboratory

The new capsule collection Venenum (translated from Latin means “poison”) is inspired by the ancient image of the snake and its dual nature. These ancient creatures, living on Earth for many millions of years, are the personification of danger and a symbol of wisdom, a source of deadly poison and an allegory of pharmacy. Perhaps there are few creatures that are just as contradictory and multifaceted. The jewelers of the Vertigo laboratory tried to reflect these features in their jewelry.

The main material of the collection – gold inlaid with topaz and diamonds – evokes images of jewelry from Ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica, those times when beauty was attractive and dangerous, like the mesmerizing gaze of a snake. The line includes 6 items: a ring, a pendant, a cuff, mono-earrings with 2 snake heads and in the form of a drop of poison, as well as a bracelet. At the same time, Venenum is a designer collection: in addition to the canonical design, the buyer can choose the preferred color of metal and stones.

A pavé diamond ring in a snake look. The Venenum collection from the Vertigo jewelry laboratory

Venenum combines the latest architectural design techniques with traditional handicraft production. Each piece in the collection is designed as a small building and is a three-dimensional polygonal structure. The full cycle of creating such a decoration takes 13 days.

Jewelry laboratory VERTIGO is a synthesis of architecture and jewelry design, works created using modern methods of engineering and architectural design: parametrics, kinetics and generative design. As an architect, the founder of the laboratory, Viktoria Strizhak, believes that good design is based on the same principles as architecture. Therefore, the aesthetic side of design, functionality of jewelry, their durability and pleasant tactile sensations from touching with them are very important for the brand.

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