Tutorial: crochet ring with Romanian cord

Hello, for this tutotial video I bring you how to weave this original ring, in Romanian cord, it is a very simple technique, this cord you can use in any type of accessory, I decided to make this ring.

Remember that I only give you an idea, and you perfect it. Hope you like. The Romanian lace is one of the basic crochet laces, it is widely used in Irish crochet.
With it you can also make bracelets, an example of this bracelet can be seen in this video: BRACELET IN CROCHET, can also be used in blouses, skirts, in a bag, in short, where you want to give application.

The materials we will use for this video tutorial are:

1. Estrela thread # 6 Blue color, or the color of your choice.
2. Accessory in steel, to make the part of the center of the ring.
3. Needle 1.25 mm
4. Scissors

Let’s go step by step:

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