Top 5 Tips on how to buy Loose Diamonds

People have come to us with a question about how to buy loose diamond. So, we are going to take our time to talk about it here.

The first commonest reason people buy loose diamonds is because of the economic factor. Of course, it costs less to buy hand-picked stones than paying for ready-made diamond. Also, people buy loose diamond because of the assumed opportunity it affords them to study the quality of the stone or otherwise.

Mind you, there is no guarantee that you will be able to determine if it’s of quality or not.

But then, how do you buy loose diamond, as a consumer or dealer, without buying the wrong diamond; and even at an affordable price? Whatever may prompt you to buy loose diamonds, make sure to read the tips below carefully so that you can make good choice.


5 Tips on how to buy Loose Diamonds

#1 Ascertain Certification

#1 Ascertain Certification

Above all else, when you are buying loose diamond, certification is important.  Being certified means it has been assessed by gemological lab. Once it passes this test, there is a certificate issued which is to help prospective buyers gain unlimited knowledge as well as confirm seller’s claim.

Meanwhile, it’s not every certification issued by laboratories that you should believe. If it’s not from the trusted ones in your location, you should think twice.

#2 Decide on Size vs. Quality

What exactly do you want in loose diamond – quality or size? Many buyers have a notion that the size does it all. And that’s wrong if you really want the truth about how to buy loose diamond.  Quality is a factor that you should put first. In fact, the bigger a diamond stone is, the more it becomes very rare to find high quality.

So, make your choice: would you rather buy small loose diamond with high quality or big loose diamond with less quality?

Don’t forget to pay attention to this tip before you buy.

Of course, this is not to say that you can’t go for big loose diamond. Who knows, you might find the best quality in the big ones.

#3 Know the 4C’s of Diamond

 the 4C’s of Diamond
the 4C’s of Diamond

To know how to buy loose diamond, knowledge, always, is power. So, before spending on loose diamond, you should carry out study of the 4C’s. These C’s help you to understand the value of a typical diamond stone. What are they?

  • Color covers the appearance of diamond. Appearances are in the range of D (colorless) – Z (transparent yellow). Please, resist the urge to buy diamond with more colors as they kill the glow of the diamond when light passes through it.
  • Clarity. Every good diamond has tiny imperfections. Otherwise known as inclusions. The less the clarity of loose diamond, the higher the quality.
  • Carat (Karat) refers to the weight of diamond.
  • Cut. The way a diamond is cut influences its shape, symmetry, and glow when light passes through it.

Understanding each and determining the one that matters to you is important to knowing how to buy loose diamond.

#4 Timeliness

loose diamond
loose diamond

Your decision to buy loose diamond means you have the time by your side to find out where to buy them, ascertain certification, and choose the place to set them together. At the end of the day, you might want to agree with us that buying ready-made is just going to save you of any stress.

However, if you insist on buying loose diamond for reasons above or that which is best known to you, you must consider time. Do you have the time to undergo this process?

Once you buy, to save time and get prompt delivery, it is advisable that you set loose diamond in one place.

#5 Seek Expert Advice

#5 Seek Expert Advice
#5 Seek Expert Advice

To be honest, successfully knowing how to buy loose diamond could be a full cup of tea. The decision about to buy, where to buy, which certification to believe, and what budget to invest, among others could be tough. So, when you are not sure, reach an expert for advice. No matter your budget, you deserve to get the best diamond.

With more information and the support of an expert, you will definitely feel more confident and make better decisions.


The tips above have worked well for people seeking how to buy loose diamond. They are all important. So, take your time and go over it again if you need to. As you take a step towards buying loose diamond, we are happy to tell you that it’s really going to be a wonderful experience.

Don’t forget to follow the rules. And don’t hesitate to ask questions from experts when in doubt.

Have a wonderful diamond shopping!