Tin ring bracelet

Very good to everyone! Today I bring you a tutorial to learn how to make these beautiful bracelets.

– Tin rings
– Thread / wool
– Scissors
– Colored beads
– Crochet hook

First we will start by making a chain of about 30 points, then we make a low point on the side of a ring thus hooking it to the fabric. We make one more point and when we reach the curve we make 3 points in the air to save it. Then we make another low point already at the top and include another ring. We cover half of the ring already woven with the new one leaving a hole in the middle where we will introduce the crochet hook to make another low point. Then we make one or two points in the air so that the bracelet is looser and continue hooking rings. When all the rings are joined (21 approx), we make a point before reaching the curve of the ends to be able to make the three points in the air. Once done, we make two low points on the side, three in the air to save the joint and we return to make two low points. At this moment we reach another curve and make three points in the air. We have already turned the bracelet around and we can only weave the bottom of the rings that we will do in the same way as at the beginning. Upon reaching the end we knit a chain of 30 stitches again.
Then, to make the closure, we pass one end of one of the chains at the other end of the bracelet and enter an account to make a stop. We make a knot, and we can only repeat the process with the other chain to have the bracelet ready!
If you have any questions and want to see the process step by step, do not hesitate to watch the video. =)

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