The necklaces you’ll want to release this spring 2020 –

We are already beginning to notice warmer afternoons despite the arrival of Easter week (which we know almost always dramatically drops in temperature) although we know full well that this is temporary.

The arrival of the spring heat makes us rethink how to wear our necks

And, because of this little heat, it makes you want to take off your sweatshirts and coats causing us to show our necks (goodbye to scarves… Hello to short shirts!) and we know for sure that a naked neck leaves a lot to be desired.

So take a seat, take a pen and paper and we’ll bring you the best trends this summer 2020 in necklaces!

How to be up to date this spring 2020

I’m sure you have a very nice jewelry box, but I’m also more than sure that with the arrival of the warm weather you want to open some jewelry to be able to wear it well.

Well, you should know that there are different trends right now:

Gold link necklaces

Large link necklaces (and also finer ones) is something that is starting to be worn again. It looks great with a stylish outfit for going to work, picking up the kids, shopping…

I bring you my favorite category of fashion necklaces and pendants for women so you can modernize the way you go and dress, I’m sure you’ll shine wherever you go!

Necklaces with pastel shades and gold

If you want to be trendy, but you don’t like the kind of necklaces mentioned above, don’t worry, there are some very flirty necklaces with super nice pastel shades.

Necklaces with cheerful tones

If you thought that the happy tones are no longer carried… you are gravely mistaken. The arrival of spring, makes us like to match the sunny and happy days with the most beautiful season of the year!

Don’t forget our very important tips either, such as combining jewelry with your skin tone or improving your dress code with fashion necklaces. I’m more than sure they can help you improve how you look and feel!

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