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The history of Swarovski’s dazzling family business and their emblematic logos

The history of Swarovski’s dazzling family business and their emblematic logos

“Crystal” swan on the new Swarovski logo

How you name a company and what kind of identity you crown, so it will “float” through the waves of turbulent decades. The representatives of the “shining brand” Swarovski were well aware of this, and they approached the creation of their logos with special trepidation. Each of them contains a deep meaning, the essence of the company’s activities on one or another section of a long dazzling path.

The Swarovski company has really walked a long way. 2021 is the year of the brand’s grand anniversary, the 125th anniversary of its founding.

Let the creator of the company – Daniel Swarovski

Austrian engineer Daniel Swarovski was born in the mountain village of Georgienthal in the north of mountainous Bohemia – the birthplace of the famous Bohemian glass. Scientists claim that glass-blowing skills appeared there as early as the 9th century. Many glassmaker dynasties lived in this area. The secret of glass making was passed down from father to son. And these families actively developed glass making and spread it throughout Europe.

Daniel’s father also worked in the glass industry, but his success was very modest. In 1880, his father sent his son to study in Paris, where in 1891 Daniel constructed the world’s first electric grinding machine. The device made it possible to process crystal in quantities inaccessible for manual processing, and made it possible for crystals from this material to compete with precious stones.

The secret of a brilliant business

Swarovski crystal in the shape of an edelweiss flower

In 1895, Daniel founded the Swarovski company in the Austrian village of Wattens, where he built a hydroelectric power plant on a mountain river, which made it possible to provide his plant with inexpensive and autonomous electricity (at home, it was very expensive). He did not return to his native places either because of the uncertainty that he could surpass the glassmakers of Bohemia in skill.

In 1911, the main component of the success of the Swarovski business was created – the formula for the composition of the initial mixtures necessary for the manufacture of crystal with incomparable clarity and brilliance.

This technology is not subject to disclosure today. Only some of its nuances are known. For example, the fact that Swarovski crystals are made from optical crystal containing a high percentage of lead oxide, which gives the stones a unique clarity. And the effect of incredible shine is achieved by grinding every facet of the stone and applying a special coating to it.

Swarovski rainbow crystal ring

In the 18th century, Georg Strass, a French jeweler and glassmaker, created a unique material – lead crystal. It formed the basis for the production of “rhinestones” that imitated natural diamonds in jewelry. Daniel Swarovski, on the other hand, made crystal crystals independent elements of not only jewelry, but also clothes, shoes and accessories, and they have become part of big fashion, shining trends that have been at the peak of popularity for more than a century.

Truly a family business

Having gone to another world, Daniel Swarovski left a thriving business to a large family, which was able to raise it to a new level. Daniel’s assistants during his lifetime and subsequently were three sons – Wilhelm, Friedrich and Alfred. Swarovski’s grandchildren continued to expand the scope of branded crystals. Thus, the famous Aurora Borealis coating was developed by Manfred Swarovski, which gives the crystals an iridescent sheen.

Collectible souvenirs under the Sylver Crystal brand also brought great success to the modernized company. In 2002, the heirs of the empire launched the Swarovski project – Crystal Palace, the idea of ​​which was to attract talented designers to create jewelry with Swarovski crystals and give them absolute creative freedom. In 2009, the first Swarovski watch collection, Avant Time, was launched.

Swarovski is now run by the fifth generation of family members. For a long time, the creative director of the brand was Nadia Swarovski, the great-great-granddaughter of the founder of the company. Now the company is headed by the great-great-grandson of Daniel Swarovski – Robert Buchbauer.

About edelweiss flower – the first emblem of the company

First Swarovski logo with edelweiss

For millennia, edelweiss has symbolized glory at its very zenith. The scientific Latin name for the flower is Leontopodium, from the Greek, “lion” and “paw”, since the appearance of the inflorescence of this plant resembles a lion’s paw. It is believed that edelweiss can only be ripped off by the hand of a strong person who can reach unreal mountain heights. Another name for the flower is the alpine star, which edelweiss received because the rocks on which it grows seem to be covered with silver stars.

The edelweiss flower became the first official Swarovski logo since 1899 as a reflection of the Austrian origin of the company, its purity and the quality of its products.

Swan as a symbol of a thriving brand

Swan on the Swarovski logo

The swan became the symbol and mascot of the Swarovski brand only in 1989, 33 years after the death of its creator, becoming a link between the past and the present of the company. Both in visual construction and in message, he significantly differed from his modern image.

The logo with a swan, created in 1989, reflected the path that the company has traveled in its development: from a small jewelry factory to an industrial giant that conquered the world. The graceful bird was as if created from the air, saturated with deep, pure brilliance, which the descendants of Daniel Swarovski continued to give to people.

Swarovski today

Swarovski is the largest Austrian company specializing in the production of loose crystals, jewelry, crystal figurines, cutting of synthetic and natural gemstones, as well as optical equipment and finished lighting fixtures.

For the big anniversary, the brand presented to the public a new philosophy and visual concept of the company. So, the new Swarovski slogan in 2021 is “light up your dreams”. And the updated logo is a crystal swan, framed in an octagonal crystal, ready to spread its wings and take off.

Swarovski logo unveiled by the brand in 2021

A ‘new swan’ emerges within a crystal octagon, symbolizing the talent of our craftsmen and the mystical power of new beginnings, the brand says, “The bold evolution of the iconic emblem celebrates both our unrivaled heritage and our exciting vision of the future.”

Today Swarovski produces 80% of the total world volume of crystals-strasses, which are used in the manufacture of high-quality jewelry. The firm has subsidiaries and trading companies in 31 countries of the world.

The descendants helped the business of the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather-founder to stay on top of success. However, none of this would have happened without the first steps in the sparkling business of Swarovski with the beautiful mountain flower edelweiss in the company logo.

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