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With the use of social networks and online shopping becoming more common among the new generations and all in general; fashion stores, whether accessories or women’s clothing are finding widespread changes in the way they communicate with consumers.

According to a new U.S. report, 67 percent of U.S. women bought clothes online from retailers last year, up from 63 percent in 2013.

On the other hand, and more importantly, he says that increasingly, reaching a third of women surveyed (35 percent) say that media and social networks are becoming one of the best shop windows when shopping online.

The Internet, once considered the least reliable and secure, is now set to change the face of the women’s clothing market.

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This survey also highlights the strength with which we must bet on this cause, amounting to 15 million dollars, investment by businesses to enter the online trade and reach the market.

From social network users there is more confidence in the network, for example, 82 percent of social media users have purchased online in the last year compared to 70 percent of non-users of social media.

As social media advertising evolves, more traditional retail methods used to reach consumers are beginning to fail. While 55 percent of women still consider advertising in the mail as a major influencing factor for clothing purchases, that figure drops to 46 percent between 18-34 years of age.

“The importance of social media should be stressed, especially as a way of connecting with young women. More than three-quarters of social media users bought women’s clothing in the last year compared to 70 percent of nonusers of social media. In addition, 35 percent of American women 18-34 point to social media as a key influencing factor affecting their purchasing decisions

With one-third of the women in the study visiting sites such as YouTube (34 percent) and Instagram (33 percent) daily, and 71 percent using Facebook every day, clothing retailers must harness the power of social media to further engage these impressionable, influential and smart buyers.”

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Whether alone or with others, shopping is a personal experience. This is why the notion of self-giving is popular among women. Women are just as likely to buy clothes as a gift or detail, as they are to make an impulse purchase (29 percent). While women are guilty of self-giving, men spend a considerable amount on clothing for women, as well as probably as gifts for loved ones, friends or family members. In the last three months, American men spent an average of $225 on women’s clothing. In comparison, this is only 17 percent less than the overall amount women spend on clothes for themselves during the same period of time.

While a good number of women enjoy shopping and self-giving, there are threats to the industry, including obesity. The data show that the persistent epidemic could affect the market for women’s clothing, if more women who are obese refrain from buying new clothes because of the challenges of finding clothes that fit. Thanks to our diet, we can avoid these statistics because we look so cute in the mirror! Hehehe!

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