It Girl, Clutch, Must, Outfit… I’m almost certain that some of those terms you’ve heard on numerous occasions, though perhaps without really knowing what mean, and others just sound like Chinese to you. In this post we break down some of the most widely used terms in the great dictionary of fashion and blogs. We’re on!

A.) ARTY. Printed mainly in intense colours through flowers, geometrical fugues,…

B.) BIKER JACKET. In English, black leather jacket with flaps, indispensable in any wardrobe.

C.) CLUTCH. Small, rigid handbag, used for partying or cocktails.

D.) DENIM. Applicable to the whole range of denim fabrics or fashion.

E.) EVASÉ. It refers to the cut in a tight garment from which it widens and takes flight.

F.) FASHION VICTIM. A person who follows fashion trends to the letter.

G.) GRUNGE. Style based on wide, unkempt or voluntarily neglected clothing.

H.) HIT. Any garment or accessory that becomes a trend.

I.) IT GIRL. Girls who are fashion icons, and generate trends.

J.) JEGGINS. Fabric or denim tights, thermic arisen from joining jeans and leggins.

K.) KITTEN HEEL. Low, thin heel.

L.) LITTLE BLACK DRESS (LBD). Another essential, the classic and basic black dress, personally is my favorite.

M.) MUST. All those basic wardrobe items that we have referred to on different occasions and everything that cannot be missing in each season.

N.) NUDE, Trend based on light colors such as beige in clothes, accessories or makeup in the latter would refer to what is commonly called the washed face effect.

O.) OUTFIT. It is a concrete and complete set, combined in a certain way that includes both garments and accessories, unlike the Look, two terms that cause confusion, the latter refers to the external appearance, image or style, especially when it comes to dressing.

P.) PEPLUM OR PEPLO. Style of clothing characterized by a tight body and skirt and one or more ruffles at waist level.

R.) ROLL UP. How to wear the bottom of a pair of trousers folded in such a way that the sock can be seen.

S.) SLIM. It is applied to those garments that fit the body, by tightening them.

T.) TAIL HEM. Or asymmetrical cut, garments that are longer in the back than in the front, thus achieving the tail effect.

V.) VICHY. Strong cotton fabric usually checked, but can also be striped.

W.) WRAP DRESS. Dress that is tied to the waist by crossing its sides, thus achieving to enhance the figure.

Here ends some of the basics of the a.b.c. of fashion and although there are many more I hope I have chosen the most used, that I have helped you and get you not lost again when you hear these words in the media.

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