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Ten years ago, the term “blog” was a fairly new concept. Blogging would generally take the form of an online diary, an ongoing commentary on everyday activities. Today, ‘bloggers’, ‘vloggers’ and ‘influencers’ are the monarchs of social networking. They dominate all platforms, from Instagram to YouTube, creating dialogues on a variety of topics. In fashion, blogs are a very influential cog in the industry. If a blogger establishes a solid reputation, his or her opinion governs what is in and what is out of fashion.

Fashion and style blogs

However, there are now millions of fashion and lifestyle blogs, such as our fashion and trend blog. Bloggers can make a lot of money with paid ads, so it’s important to distinguish authentic style and experience when deciding who to follow. Also, as a theme, jewelry encompasses a variety of different elements. Style, design, fabrication, gemology – the list is endless. Fortunately, there are a number of talented writers who will infuse your life with the glamour and excitement that defines the world of jewelry. Here are the top five jewelry writers and influencers you should follow in 2019.

The fashion world suggests the trends of precious fashion jewellery accessories, paying special attention to the market evolution and the constant changes of the consumers. A recent study, carried out by the English company WSGM, has shown that the Z generation (those born between 1995 and 2010, which this year will be 40% of the consumers) will be much more aware, attentive to the origin and ethics of an article. But they will also be more aware of its economic value. He also pointed out that laboratory diamonds, the so-called synthetic diamonds, will represent the main trend in jewellery.

It is a snapshot of market developments that can provide an additional interpretation key for companies. The international catwalks are the mirror for inspiration in the creations of the new gold and silver jewellery, such as fashionable earrings and rings. One trend is a return to the art of gold of the past. Take Bulgari, for example, the famous firm that was inspired by the ancient jewellery tradition of the first century A.D. and used ancient coins in the manufacture of its jewellery.

The trend of 2020, therefore, rediscovers from a contemporary point of view the more traditional manufacture of gold, using forms and materials of timeless elegance and quality.

Because wearing women’s fashion jewelry, whether you follow fashion trends because you like to set trends on Instagram, or if you feel more confident when you are dressed in the latest fashion, there is a great need to predict the future of fashion. So the question remains, what does the next year hold for the jewelry industry? According to style experts and catwalk designers, 2020 is about statement jewellery. Unlike the statement jewelry of the past that was bulky and covered with intricate detail, the 2020 statement trend creates eye-catching images using basic objects. One could say that 2020 is the year of refined jewelry.

Most of the jewelry shown on the runways and in magazines are exaggerated interpretations of popular trend costumes. This is necessary to make an impact with long-distance photography. Generally, people prefer more moderate versions of runway trends, whether it is their jewelry or clothing. Therefore, Valina took these bold trends and adapted them to match our fine jewelry clientele. So let’s explore these promising fashion trends and see how you can use them in your everyday life.

Fashion Trends 2020 – Chains

Most fashion comes and goes in style over the decades. In recent years, we have seen many fashion trends from the 1970s and 1980s come alive. Some examples include fanny packs, suede pants, blouses and neon colors that are shown in eye-catching patterns. Now, the oversized chains are back. Big chains first became popular in the 1980s when hip hop and rap music began to dominate youth culture. Unlike in the past, haute couture gurus no longer want pure gold or silver chains. Most people gravitate toward modern materials that are produced in more vibrant colors and patterns, such as fabric chains and recycled plastic chains.

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