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Simple Steps To Making Diamond friendship bracelet

Simple Steps To Making Diamond friendship bracelet

Diamond friendship bracelet is always cute and perfect for any event. They don’t select, hence, we can say they are timeless.

Diamond friendship bracelets usually appear complicated compared to the chevron pattern. But it’s not. It’s one of those fashion accessories that you can do yourself. All that’s important is understanding how the pattern works.

So, let’s talk about how you can pattern diamond friendship bracelet by yourself.

Diamond Friendship Bracelet
Diamond Friendship Bracelet

How to do diamond friendship bracelet

Forming the diamond friendship pattern bracelet seems complicated but if you pay careful attention, you can do this. See the steps below:

  • 1. Choose your favorite cotton colors from the store and cut them into strands. Cut the strands above 24 inches. Carefully tie them together in a mirror-like pattern.
  • 2. Tie a knot over both strands. Repeat it and make sure this is done at the center.
  • 3. Begin with the right side of the strand (first color) at the center. On the second color, tie a forward knot using a 4-shape. Once this is done, take it out from the opening and pull it up to tighten the knot. Repeat this same process over each color. Do not stop knitting towards the right over each color till the one at the center extends out the most.
  • 4. Then return to the left side of the center strand to repeat step 3. Don’t stop until the center color from the left has also extended out the most.

At this point, you must achieved a V pattern on your diamond friendship bracelet.

  • 5. Continue to pattern the V beginning from the second color in the right side of the strand at the center. When you do this well, the first color that initially extended would be pushed back to the center again.
  • 6 . Do the same with the second color to the left side of the center strand.
  • 7. When you finally get the first colors from left and right center together, make sure to tie knots twice at the center.
  • 8 . Now use the first color by the right at the center to make backward knots twice. This should be directed to the right.
  • 9 . Also, use the first color by the right at the center to make backward knots twice. Don’t forget to direct this to the left.
  • 10 . Then, tie them together twice.
  • 11 . With the uttermost color, make another V shape. Start this from the far left side to a row of 4 forward knots. And from the far right side, tie a row of backward knots.
  • 12 . With the second color, make another V shape. Repeat the process in 11.
  • 13 . Following that, at the extreme left side of the next row, tie backward knots twice with the strands to the right. Do otherwise with the strand directly to the left.
  • 14 . Now, use the left strand of the second color from the center to tie two backward knots in a row on the other strands directly to the left.
  • 15 . For the right side of the second color, do otherwise.
  • 16 . With the color that’s at the center, create another V shape. Continue to knot in an upside down V shape until you are back to the strand you started with.
  • 17 . Then, repeat the first patterning from the beginning until you arrive at the desired length. When you are done, you don’t have to cut the remaining strands off. Leave at that till it gets on the wrist of the person using it. If after tying, there is still a measurable length left, you can style each strand into a knot. You can see this video.

20 Other Styles Of Simple Steps To Making Diamond friendship bracelet


Hmmm, did you get the whole process of making diamond friendship bracelet? You know you can always go back to begin, right?

Don’t forget to get the best cotton that’s gentle on the skin. Apart from your knowledge of how to make any diamond friendship bracelet, getting the best cotton is a priority.

We have selected these five beautiful diamond friendship bracelets – vsco/red/yellow/purple diamond, double diamond friendship bracelet, adjustable diamond friendship pattern, diamond friendship bracelet/anklet, and red and blue diamond friendship bracelet for you to see how beautiful your design could come if you pay careful attention.


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