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Rice with squid rings

Rice with squid rings

Hi Chic @ s.

Today we are going with a very simple rice and without complicating ourselves at all we only have to use some ingredients that we usually have in the freezer.

Or we can buy them for the occasion. We can always do it with fresh or frozen ingredients.

You can also change the pepper that today is green for a red one but today it only had green. So we go with the elaboration that is very easy.

Today the rice is for two but you can always double or triple the quantities.


200 grs. of rice

1 squid

1 green pepper

2 or 3 cloves of garlic

Olive oil, A handful of young garlic, peas, broad beans, chopped lady, salt, grated tomato, food coloring (saffron powder)

Double the volume of water or broth than the weight of rice and a little more for evaporation.


The first thing is to clean the squid and the pepper and cut the squid into rings and the pepper to your liking.

In a pan, pot or paella pan we will put a culín of olive oil over medium heat and put the pepper to fry, we will add the garlic and the squid we will brown everything. We will add the rest of the vegetables and sauté everything. Now we will add the chopped lady. (in case you do not have a lady you can put some sweet paprika).

Add some dye (saffron) and the grated tomato, sauté and add the rice, sauté everything so that the flavors are mixed, add the broth or water and rectify with salt. We leave it on medium heat (I have from 1 to 9 I leave it at 7) When the cooking begins we leave it for a while and lower the heat. This is supposed to be done in 18-20 minutes, depending on how you like the cooked rice. We will always let it rest covered with a lid or with aluminum foil and ready to eat.

With anything you can make an easy and simple daily rice.

To eat!!! …..

You will tell me, I await your comments.

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