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Surely the fact of not wearing earrings makes rings Be one of my weaknesses when it comes to keeping an eye on pieces of jewelry. If they are flashy and original, the better. It happens to me a lot (I guess like everyone else), having a design in mind and starting to see it everywhere, and that's what happened to me with the rings shaped like crown or tiara.

I have none with this design and for some time I began to discard the jewelry to gradually acquire some pieces that are of higher quality, so I began to look at jewelry stores (but without going over), and it turns out that I fell in love with the ring Tiara model with zircons Pandora. I think it's gorgeous, and the price seems affordable to pamper yourself.

Tiara PANDORA ring € 49

Then I've been looking at pages like Etsy, because it is true that some sellers, in addition to making your design in an artisanal way and on request, only perform a unit of some of the models that they put on sale, with what in principle the originality is assured and it is very difficult that you find someone who wears the same ring as you.

I liked these:

Silver ring and zircons, made to order and you can choose color, € 85

Sterling silver ring, € 18

Rose gold ring, € 22

Silver princess ring, € 26

Silver ring and zircons, in various colors, € 20

Silver, rhodium, gold and rose gold crown rings, € 26

Princess ring, € 71

Tyvodar ring, € 125

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