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Ponytail scrunchies | Fashion jewelery

Ponytail scrunchies |  Fashion jewelery

If you love to wear your hair up, you are surely looking for ponytail scrunchiesWith this type of accessories you can show off your collected hair.

Now, this type of hairstyle also has different styles, do you want to know them?

Ponytail scrunchies, What types of updos are there?

If you thought that the bun was the only classic, it is because you had not thought about the ponytail. This type of collection gives a perfect ending to all kinds of looks thanks to its ease of adaptation; low, high, rolled …

Low ponytail: Long live the sport!

Try to think of a more comfortable and quick way to get it, you will surely not find it, this type of collection is the best ally for those who go to the gym in a hurry.

In our shop you will find the perfect hair ornament for the occasion.

If you want to achieve this finish, simply gather your hair at the nape of the neck, and as an extra, if you add a well-defined part in the middle you will get a unique touch of sophistication.

High tail: Long live the retro!

If you are looking for a retro hairstyle, the high ponytail is the perfect touch, just pull it up high on your head leaving the roots glued to the scalp. You will wear your clear face with an elegant air, revealing your earrings uncovered.

Enrollada: for lovers of the bohemian

If you are looking for a combination between informal and trendy, this collection is for you, you just have to start by separating two strands in the front of the head, leave them rolled up on themselves and collect the hair integrating the rolled strands. Now pull lightly on the roots and you will get what you are looking for.

Tail with toupee: we also love the world of rock!

Are you determined and daring? Well, this finish is for you! You will enhance your style thanks to the front toupee using the carding technique. You can adapt the intensity of the effect as you prefer, the more volume, the more rocky you will be.

As you can see, there are many ways to show off your hair, do not forget to accompany the look with some beautiful women’s earrings, you will go in a unique and divine way.

I hope you liked the secrets we shared for you about this collection, from BDM we only want to share the best!

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