Padaung women and their necklaces

Padaung or Kayan women also called "giraffe neck" women are a Tibetan ethnic minority – Burmese. Due to the conflict with the Burmese military regime, most of its members fled to Thailand.

According to history they arrived in ancient Burma, 2000 years ago, from the Gobi desert – Mongolia. Later they were displaced to the east of the country and today they live in Thailand, with a very insecure social status.

Tribal ring necklaces

The necklaces are made of brass material made in the form of rings.

There are different legends about the use of these necklaces but they are not accepted. One is that it avoids the bites of the tigers. Another one with this jewel around the neck makes women uglier and slavery by other tribes is avoided.

This tradition of placing these necklaces since they are girls is a symbol of wealth and tradition. Be

Padaung women and their necklaces

Padaung women and their necklaces

He believes that the more rings he carries, the attractiveness of the woman is greater and highlights the beauty of the wearer.

There are fewer and fewer women who tolerate them since they not only wear necklaces. They carry rings on hands and feet, and their weight can reach more than five kilos.

National Geographic in an article published in 1979, showed the radiography of a Kayan woman, it shows that the necklaces did not grow the separation between the vertebrae of the neck. These rings press down the collarbone and rib cavity. They create the impression of a very long neck.

Missionaries who have been with the tribe living together, say it is a very macho society. The men of the tribe prefer that their women wear so many necklaces because they lose mobility and forces them to stay longer at home.

Over the years the neck muscles atrophy and cervical joints have difficulty moving. If they took off the collar they would have significant neck pain for a long time, until they adapted to the new situation.

There is much speculation about the situation that if the rings are removed they suffocate but it is not so. They, Padaung women talk about feeling ugly, naked … It is more a psychological issue than a physical problem. They do not die when removing the hoops.

What curiosities are there for the world! Surely you have seen these women in a documentary. What do you think? Leave me your comments.

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