New collection Golden Oasis from Piaget brand

The Golden Oasis collection elevates the beauty of nature to supernatural heights, using an ocean of sparkling gold as the main means of expression. The Play of Lights, Desert Minerals, and Native Bloom lines are major travel stars. From dawn to dusk, according to the movement of the Sun across the sky, the world is colored by alternating colors, and each new palette shades the sky in its own way. In the past, Piaget designers drew inspiration from endless oceans, turquoise waters and coastal roads. Now the charming celestial muse Piaget has turned her gaze on a breathtaking desert oasis. Smooth ancient stones frame thickets of luscious agave, and winding crevices form carved patterns on the endless sandy surface of the desert. These are real natural masterpieces, endowed with amazing dynamism and rich colors, which are a real pleasure to admire.


The Play of Lights line draws inspiration from the infinity of blue skies above the sandy waves of the desert, illuminated by sunlight during the day and dotted with shining stars at night. An exquisite combination of many precious stones soars skyward, like clouds that color the sky in bright pink tones at dawn. In the light of day, white and pink gold, white and yellow diamonds, bright rubies and pink sapphires shine dazzlingly, illuminating everything around them. Small grains of sand frolic in the pillars of light, sinking into the crevices of the noble valleys.


The Desert Minerals line radiates a powerful stream of pristine energy stored in ancient, sun-drenched stones. It tells the story of the origin of the world in the language of diamonds, rubies and sapphires, eager to turn into immortal works of art. Become one with the indomitable beauty of nature: the asymmetrical edges of the cuff bracelet, the seductive curves of the ring and the unique play of light refracted differently at every angle.


The creative potential of nature knows no boundaries. Wildflowers and wild plants, an endless source of inspiration for the House of Jewelry, have endowed Native Bloom with unusual shapes, color combinations and dynamism. Desert flora only grows stronger in difficult conditions for survival. It is a beauty imbued with endurance, just like the one required by our craftsmen, who managed to transform the jewels of the desert into jewelery creations using all their artistic abilities. Stunning emeralds and diamonds adorn blooming creations with harmonious color combinations.

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