More than 20 ideas to make DIY rings

The homemade jewelry It allows us to make the complements as we visualize them in the head. Thanks to the beads, beads, putties and wires we can make incredible creations. If you want to discover some of the rings more amazing, Do not miss more than 20 ideas to make DIY rings! You will love it!

Let's start with the simplest, bend wire to create shapes and spirals. Cocoa Beads is a cat lover and it has materialized in this ring. Is beautiful!

Although, you can also make other shapes and silhouettes how are you. This is inspired by the heartbeat.

You can do your Zodiac sign…

your initial, or someone special …

If you are a music lover This comes as a ring to your finger, never better. The treble clef!

Although this video tutorial of Mcabeautorials is in English, you can find some amazing ideas to reproduce the rings that are more fashionable. They will look freshly bought!

You can add beads and beads. They will be very simple and elegant.

Although if you want your hand to be the center of attention of your outfit, you can always do something more striking. Hablobajito has integrated multi-colored wooden beads in this ring Great!

Or, directly, you can bet on Make the whole ring of beads. Do not miss the step by step of What DIY things!

Another idea is to incorporate pendants like tassels or silhouettes of your favorite shapes. Look at these two examples!

With a decorative glass and nail polish you can put the Galaxy inside a ring. Play with the diamond and colors as Lina menesses has done!

You can reuse other items that you have at home, such as A zipper. Look!

Or one coffee capsule It looks great!

It is not necessary to always use wire, the leather It is a very common material in the world of jewelry. Look!

You can even recycle a tin ring to reproduce this type of rings.

Instead of doing them from scratch you can transform them with Cold porcelain. Alexa C has made two rings, one inspired by the Unicorns and another in Mickey Mousse.

Use colored wires!

Did you like these ideas? Put them to the test, Organize them so they don't get damaged and show them on the craft page on Facebook!

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