Medals with our father engraved | Fashion jewelery

If you are a very Catholic person, we are completely sure from our jewelry store that you are totally sorry for not being able to celebrate the festivities of the town and thank the Virgin.

Well, thanks to our medals with our father engraved you can give thanks wherever you are to your favorite saint.

Our Father pendant

Our Catholic women’s pendants have the same special treatment as the rest of our jewelery pieces, they are hypoallergenic and you can wear them without any fear of causing an allergy, whether you suffer from a reaction to gold, silver or any other type of metal.

In our store you will find the following designs:

Cross with engraving

We have the shape of the cross of Christ with the text engraved inside it, it is one of the favorite designs because it is a little more discreet and preserves the shape of the cross.

Circular with text

On the other hand, there is this design, it is more elegant and it is very pretty. Although it does not retain the shape of the cross, the cross is engraved on the inside, so it still maintains the symbolism of devotion to Christ.


We know that not everything is the shape of the pendant, so we bring it to you in silver so you can wear it every day of the year.


On the other hand, the gold finish looks very good for that white blouse, it looks great to go to mass and is very discreet.

Remember that to attend the daily religious ceremony during the pandemic, you must go with a face mask, in our store you will find printed fabric masks that we assure you, they will fit you very well.

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