Makeup tips – How to get lasting makeup –

But it’s so hot!! These days it’s impossible to do anything, the high temperatures affect us all, except for the lucky ones who are on vacation, those don’t care so much because without worries everything is lived differently, but well, let’s not deviate from the subject, the heat affects us so much that we don’t sleep well, we wake up sweating, the day becomes long and we feel tired. What about our makeup, how does the heat affect it? Unfortunately, in this case, our makeup ends up being very degraded. If we wear eyeliner, we end up with panda eyes, blush begins to lose its effect, leaving us with rashes, and the base no longer exists, there are only stains of different shades.

Well, it’s impossible to change the time to our liking, but what we can do is make a note of some makeup tips so that this one will last much longer this summer, for example:
-We must wash our face well before applying any kind of makeup, the cleaner our skin is, the better it will hold the makeup.
-We can use prebasea product that is applied before the base of makeup which not only helps us to fix it but also helps us to even out the skin, attenuate pores, wrinkles and even some have treating applications such as moisturizing.
-We can also mix our foundation with your moisturizer In this way we will avoid the formation of stickiness and get a very natural coverage, perfect for the daily routine.
-Remember that in the summer we are more tanned so we must change our makeup to a darker shade or two, or we can use sunscreen powders to have a very natural color.
-A very good, homemade trick is Wrap an ice pack in kitchen paper and with a few touches, without dragging, apply it all over the face after applying foundation and translucent powdersso we can keep the makeup from cracking and glowing.
-We can pinchThe products are similar to lacquer but are applied to the face and get all the tones and textures under control, lasting several hours longer than usual.

-Yes we apply shadows in the daytime, they better be powdered, are the most resistant to heat and we must try not to moisturize the contour of the eyes too much before applying them, if we do, we must remove the excess product.
-For the eye pencil, it is best to use low-fat products or use a liquid eyelinerIt fixes much better.
-We can also fill in the eyebrows using a specific pencilwith a color as close as possible to the hair, in this case we will try use waterproof productsThey are water resistant and the eyebrows are one of the areas that gets most wet in the heat.
-For la mascara we have another homemade trick, we can keep it for a few hours a day in the fridge, This makes the product cooler and when applied it is more compact making a waterproof effect.
-Y for the lips it is best to use long lasting productsIf we paint them every day, it is best to use a protector first to keep them hydrated.

Well these are some of the hundreds of tips that exist to keep our makeup intact for much longer. We can’t avoid the heat and while we’re not on vacation, the best thing to do is to apply a few tricks that are within everyone’s reach.
Remember!! High temperatures are inevitable but our make-up is foolproof!!

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