Learn how to make a leather ring in a few minutes

Hello everyone!

After a few months of stoppage in the blog I return to the load with much, much force.
The first thing I want to say before starting with today's tutorial, is that I thank you very much for your patience. I hope and wish it was worth it. I have worked a lot on this new project and I want you to enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed (and suffered) planning and assembling everything.

I want you to know that from now on I will make a weekly post or post with new diy (do it yourself).There will be no post with looks, if you want to see me I encourage you to follow me on my social networks and there you can find out more about me.

Now we go with today's tutorial, learn to make a leather ring in a few minutes and in a facial way.

You may think that it is very complicated and that it is not for you. Nothing is further from reality is very, very simple and with materials that we all have at home.

For this one diy you need:

A piece of leather.

A thin strip of white lace.

A narrow chain.

Textile glue.

Pliers for cutting metal.

Punch or punch.

Measuring tape.

Color pencil.

Needle and twine thread.


The first thing is to measure the contour of our finger to know the length of the ring and then measure the height that we like the most. Mine measures 7cm x 2cm.

We make a rectangle with those measures on the back of the leather and cut by the mark.

You can get the leather from any old bag, from a broken or old leather garment.

I had some leftover leather scrap that I bought and with which I taught you how to make a shoulder bag and a belt.

At the ends we make a parallel hole with the punch.

Now we have to decorate the ring. At the top we glue the lace strip and below we glue the chain, which we will have previously cut with the size of the ring.

We only have to join the ends of the ring with the thread and the needle, in the way that we like the most. I have joined him doing x. When we finish sewing we make a knot with the thread and apply a drop of glue so that it does not come loose.

And as you see, this is the result. A precious ring in a very short time and with recycled materials.

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"See you next week with a new DIY"

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