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Jewelry bracelets for special occasions, day to day, going out at night or just on a whim; the new trends in accessories and bracelets have great designs !!

Day after day we are seeing the bloggers who lcen looks of all kinds, some certainly deserving of an award and many others of an oleeeeee !!!

They all have one thing in common … COMPLEMENTS

Some elegant jewelry accessories or jewelry such as bracelets are a “must”, that is, necessary; for any outfit worth its salt

fine gold jewelery bracelets

What should we look for to choose them

Material for jewelery bracelets and bangles

The pieces that you select to put on our dolls must meet certain qualities. The material is one of them, it is important that they are antiallergic, that is, at least free of nickel (which makes your wrist green) and magnesium (which gives reaction and pimples come out). This is for people with normal or sensitive skin, but if you are one of those who have a special sensitivity to accessory materials, the best is rhodium and steel, although only steel can ensure that it will not give any type of allergy to use it!

jewelery bracelets for women


It seems silly but it is not!! The closure is one of the most important things of the bracelets, not only so that they do not fall, what better than not; but because if they have a very strange closure or with a small carabiner we will need someone’s help to put it on and that makes the issue of putting and removing it a bit heavy, in the end we stop using them without realizing it just for that. The best are bracelets and bracelets with automatic closure, magnet, elastic and the like, they are more comfortable and you will never get bored of them!


Needless to say, better if you can combine with your accessories. Choose carefully the colors of your bracelets and fine jewelry bracelets When it comes to combining, you can always have some more neutral models and so you can put them on without thinking about combining them!


There are many fashions in everything models of accessories and jewelry of woman refers. If you do not follow the fashions a lot, you will notice because they appear in all stores at the same time, you will recognize them immediately!

fashion jewelery bangles

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