How to use the vaginal contraceptive ring?

How to use the vaginal contraceptive ring?

The contraceptive vaginal ring it’s a kind of contraceptive method To avoid pregnancy. This one resembles the shape of a small and manipulable ring that women can wear entering inside the vagina once a month to prevent a unwanted pregnancy. It is used for three weeks in a row, leaving it inside for the first time, and must be removed at the end of that period of time. The name of the best known brand of these devices It’s NuvaRing

How to use the contraceptive ring:

Store it at room temperature.

Do not expose it to the sun.

Look at the expiration date of the product before placing it.

Wash your hands very well with water and neutral soap.

Do not remove it during intercourse.

Remove it after 3 weeks of use.

Hook one of your fingers under the device and carefully remove it from the vagina.

Wrap the device in its original packaging and dispose of it strictly in the trash container.

Place a new one after spending a week without it

What changes can the contraceptive vaginal ring cause?

The use of contraceptive ring It could cause different side effects that usually go away in a few months:

Irregular bleeding

Sensitive breasts

Threw up.

Sickness. How to take care of the contraceptive ring?

It is normal for the contraceptive ring fail when not used correctly, the most common mistakes are the following:

It leaves the inside of the vagina. In these cases, it must be replaced in a time no longer than 3 hours or it should be washed out with cold or warm water and immediately accommodated.

They don’t leave it inside the vagina for three weeks.

They leave it inside the vagina for more than three weeks. The device must be removed and suspended for a period of one week.

They do not remember to place a new one when it has been more than a week after having removed the previous one.

This information should never replace the opinion of a doctor. If in doubt, consult with professionals.

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