How to make kawaii ring bracelet

Creative ideas: Crafts how to make kawaii ring bracelet

Learn to make this craft super easy and very cute

This time I will show you how to make a beautiful craft, which is a creative idea called Ring bracelet.

The materials to use for this creative idea are:

-A ring the way you like it.

-Epoxy plasticine (if your ring has no hole)

-Scissors, hot silicone

-15 CM plastic chain

-Thick or other similar material


-10 to 15 cm of plastic chain

-A tip tweezers.

Cut the ribbon to the size of your wrist.

Place velcro on each side to close the polisher with hot silicone, let dry

Make an opening in each of the ends of your chain with the tip tweezers if necessary, and in your ring (if it can be done) skewer the chain and close it.

In your bracelet that you made with your thick ribbon, on a shore in the center of the length of the same, cut a small hole and so that it does not fray, a little heat passes and then insert the other end of the chain and close the same With the tweezers.

5.-Ready you have finished your super cute ring bracelet design. You can make different designs.

6.-When in your ring there is no opportunity to insert the chain, use the epoxy plasticine, mix the two colors that come (only use very little) Once you see it well mixed, paste the chain in the ring inside so that it does not look and let dry a couple of hours.

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