How to make a ring of homemade LED lights

If you dedicate yourself to the photography or do you have a channel on YouTube you will surely go fighting with the light very often. That's why we propose an easy DIY idea for you to make your own LED ring lights for very much money. Do we start

You will need the following materials:

Cardboard pen or paper illustration. (Also serves marquetry wood)
– Foil.
– LED light strips.
– Cutter
Hot silicone or wood glue, depending on the base material you choose.
– Ruler, scissors and glue.

Cut one circumference Paper illustration or marquetry wood. Make a smaller circle inside and cut it so that it fits you a ring. Look!

Next cut out strips of paper illustration to make the edges and cover everything with foil.

Paste the strips of LED lights and take out the cable on one of the sides. Miriam Vaez has used some with remote control, but you can choose the ones you like best. Watch the video tutorial!

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