How to combine rings and manicure

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Something that perfectly complements the manicure are the rings, since depending on how we decorate our hands, it can change a lot the way the same manicure looks.

This year they take fine rings with stones, especially multicolored, both in gold and silver. Another trend is the rings with marine motifs, which in the face of summer give a very special touch to our hands.

With small and thin rings we can combine several together, since it is a trend that greatly favors our hands. For large rings, an upward trend is the eighties, since they are very exaggerated and rhinestones.

Still there are many more trends in rings, the important thing is to combine them well and give a harmonious result to the whole.

How to combine rings and manicures to make them look good

As I said before, if the rings are small, it is very good to combine several with each other. If we wear small rings, the manicure can have very striking designs, although you can also paint the nails in a more discreet way and it also looks great. In the case that they are multicolored rings, nails in the same range of tones would be a very cheerful and original option.

With large rings, it is usually advisable to carry how much one in each hand, although we can combine them with smaller ones. If the ring is large and has a very ornate and colorful design, a simpler manicure is preferable, so as not to recharge the whole set much. With large simple rings or without ornaments you can wear any type of nail design.

Pictures of manicures and rings

Then I leave photos of different designs that I have seen on the web and that seem ideal. And what do you think about these rings?

Rings seen on the web

I hope this post has given you many ideas. If you like to combine rings and manicures and you want to upload your combinations, you can tag us in our social networks with the hagstag #coralsanails #aromaturana.

Here I also leave another one of the most interesting trends of this year, the neon colors, in case you missed it and want to take a look. Thanks for reading my post.

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