How to clean silver rings

Learning to clean silver objects without spoiling the piece can be very complicated. With the passage of time the silver loses its initial brightness giving way to a dark and blackish tone, but this should not worry us, since this loss of brightness is a normal process that occurs when silver is used continuously. That's why today, we will learn to clean silver rings Following a few simple tips.


– Water
– Soft soap
– Sodium bicarbonate
– Toothpaste
– Cloth
– Soft toothbrush
– Towel
– Silk paper
– Kitchen paper
– Lemon juice
– Effervescent pills for heartburn
– Gloves
– Special products to clean silver
– Salt
– Foil

With what to clean silver rings

The cleaning of the silver can vary according to the need of the piece. If we simply see that the ring has lost its shine, the best solution is as follows:

We make a mixture of warm water with soft soap in a recipient.

We introduce the rings inside. It is very important that the water is warm and not too hot.

We leave the rings for a while to soak while rubbing with the hands to remove the apparent dirt. Go cleaning one by one.

Once clean, remove the ring and dry it gently.

Uses a dry cloth and soft not to spoil the silver.

When the rings are dry, the best option to preserve them in good condition is to wrap them in silk paper and store them in a plastic bag or failing fabric.

silver clean

How to clean a silver ring that is black

When the dirt that contains the ring is more evident and we see the piece of a blackish or greenish tone, we must carry out a more thorough cleaning. We will proceed as follows:

Make a mixture of warm water with toothpaste or sodium bicarbonate in a recipient. We have to get a paste to form.

Once we have the paste created we will apply it on the ring.

We will always rub in the direction of the silver lines. Can you help yourself with a toothbrush of soft bristles if you need it.

Finally, we will use a towel Clean and dry to remove impurities that the ring may contain.

Store the rings in silk paper as we commented in the previous step.

silver with stones

Another way to clean a silver ring

Next, we will see another form of clean a silver ring following a few simple steps:

We will make a paste formed of sodium bicarbonate a little bit of lemon juice.

We will cover the piece with this paste and rub in the direction of the silver straight. You can help him with the toothbrush if you consider it necessary.

We will remove the leftovers from the pasta with a little kitchen paper.

We introduce the ring in a bowl with warm water to remove all the dirt that we may have left without removing.

We dry well with a clean cloth to remove all moisture. This last step is very important to protect the silver, since the moisture gets the silver to oxidize.

How to clean a silver ring with stones

When a ring is formed by stones, it is very important to know what type of stones they are, if the stones are glued or crimped … and so we will choose the most effective way of cleaning. Special care must be taken with abrasive products on this occasion as they could dissolve the adhesive that keeps the stone glued and even produce a burn on it.

This simple trick can help us to clean our silver ring:

We prepare a mixture of Water hot with Salt.

Stir until the salt has dissolved.

We place some strips on the bottom of the container foil.

We introduce the jewels inside the container and wait a few minutes. The foil together with the salt acts as a strong magnet on the jewels and will attract dirt.

Next, we will remove the pieces from the container and dry them with a cloth soft.

Another tip to clean the silver rings would be the following:

We will need some Effervescent acidity pills of stomach.

We will fill a container, not very large, with hot water and introduce a couple of pills inside. (If you are only going to clean a piece with a pill it would be enough).

We will put the rings in the container with the pills and leave for 20 minutes.

Effervescent tablets will act on the dirt of the rings.

Finally, we will remove the rings and dry them gently with a cloth.

If with the previous tips you have not achieved good results you can try commercial cleaners to clean silver. These products are usually found in the areas dedicated to cleaning supermarkets or in specialized cleaning stores. Before using this type of products make sure that it will not damage the stones. Read the manufacturer's instructions with special attention.

To handle this type of products it is advisable to use gloves.

Depending on whether the product is liquid or in the form of pasta We will act differently. If it is a liquid, we will immerse the piece of silver in the liquid for a few minutes and if it is in the form of paste, we will apply it with a soft bristle brush.

Next, we will rinse the jewels with cold water.

Finally, we will dry the rings and rub them with a soft dry cloth to get the maximum possible shine.

silver rings

Tips and recommendations

– Store jewelry in plastic bags and wrapped in tissue paper.

– Avoid contact with moisture as much as possible. Whenever you do a cleaning make sure to completely remove moisture.

– It is not advisable to support weight on the pieces since this material is very soft and can bend.

– Always clean the jewelry with a soft cloth after use.

– You can substitute the special product for silver with white toothpaste for cleaning.

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