How to clean silver rings with home remedies

You probably wondered more than once how to clean silver rings with home remedies that leave the chemicals aside and bet on the natural.

And it is that this material ends up turning black due to a process known as sulfurization that causes silver jewelry and accessories to acquire a blackish hue.

Among the causes that cause some jewelry and silver rings lose their brightness and their natural color we find the pH of the skin (the more acidic it is, the more likely it is that silver will turn black), the use of perfumes and the use of soaps rich in chemical substances, mainly.

However, if you want to know how to clean silver rings With home remedies, it will be enough for you to approach your pantry, since there are many everyday ingredients that allow you to keep this material in perfect condition.

How to clean silver rings step by step with home remedies

Some ingredients that will help you clean silver rings easily and in your own home are the Lemon, cornmeal and sea salt.

How to clean silver rings with lemon

Lemon is a fruit rich in citric acid, a compound that deals with eliminating the remains of rust that accumulate on jewels and silver objects.

In addition, this asset also has the power to end spots and lime deposits in a simple, economical and natural way.

Do not forget that the lemon should be very present in your home if you also want to implement homemade tricks that aim repel ants.


A lemon

A glass or glass bowl

A cotton cloth

Steps to follow

Squeeze the lemon and pour your juice inside the glass or glass bowl.

Enter the silver rings you want to clean and let them soak around an hour.

After that time, remove them from the container and dry them using a cotton cloth.

This simple gesture will make your silver jewelry recover its shine and its natural color.

How to clean silver rings with home remedies - Homemade tricks

How to clean silver rings with cornmeal

The cornmeal, also known as cornstarch or cornstarch, will also be of great help if you wonder how to clean silver rings with home remedies Due to its ability to remove stains and drag dirt.


A tablespoon of cornmeal (it is for sale in a wide variety of supermarkets and also on Amazon, where you can buy ADPAN cornmeal, for example)

Some water

A cotton cloth

Steps to follow

Place the cornmeal in a bowl and add water little by little.

The objective of this homemade trick is to give life to a homogeneous paste.

When you have reached the right texture, spread it over the silver rings you want to clean using a damp cloth.

Finally, remove the remains of cornmeal with the help of another clean and dry cotton cloth.

How to clean silver rings with home remedies - Homemade tricks

How to clean silver rings with sea salt and foil

He aluminum foil and sea salt They cause a reaction that causes rust and dirt to detach from silver fittings with ease.

Do you have aluminum foil at home and would you like to use it to make other homemade home tricks? If so, take note of this remedy to keep onions in good condition.


A piece of foil

A plate or a bowl

1 tablespoon sea salt

2 glasses of water

A cotton cloth

Steps to follow

Place the foil on the plate or bowl you have chosen.

Heats the water.

Before it breaks to a boil, remove it from the heat and pour it into the container that you have lined with foil.

Add sea salt.

Soak in this homemade solution the Silver rings They need cleaning.

When you see that the dirt has come off them, remove them from the salt water and dry them with the help of a cotton cloth.

How to clean silver rings with home remedies - Homemade tricks

Do not forget that you can implement the Home remedies to clean silver rings We have just described when these jewels have acquired a blackish color or, simply, are full of spots that have taken away their natural shine.

The benefits to highlight of these homemade tricks focused on cleaning the silver rings are the following:

They are made up of economical ingredients that most of us keep in our own kitchen.

They can be prepared at home with comfort and in just a few simple steps.

They have the power to remove stains accumulated on the surface of the silver rings, as well as to restore their natural shine.

If when you dare to put them into practice you don't have the products that are part of your composition at home, remember that you can buy them at your nearest supermarket for a small fee.

Would you like to know more homemade tricks that focus on cleaning silver objects? If you answered yes to this question, do not miss the post where we explain how to clean silver jewelry with home remedies.

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