How to clean engagement rings?

Engagement rings are a Very special jewel for any woman, mainly because of its sentimental meaning, since they symbolize the promise of joining the beloved person for life. However, over time, many engagement rings stop shining as the first day due to its use, so it is important that these jewels are cleaned properly so that they always look like new.

How to clean your engagement ring?

Each piece of jewelry is different from another, so they must be cleaned differently, since a gold ring is not the same as one with diamonds or another type of precious stones.

The diamond engagement rings, it should be cleaned regularly by a mixture of ammonia and water. The jewel should be immersed in the solution and use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt. Once clean, rinse thoroughly and dry completely.

For those engagement rings composed of precious stones as emeralds, rubies and sapphires it is recommended to clean them using a clean and slightly damp cloth. This will ensure that they are always clean and maintenance free.

For clean a gold ring it would be enough to rub with a clean and dry handkerchief. From time to time it could be washed with neutral soap and a toothbrush, and then dried with a cloth. This will recover its brightness. Subsequently, and once every two years, it is advisable to take them to your jeweler and have them do a professional maintenance. In general, almost all colored stone jewelry should be cleaned using a mild soap, water and a light strand brush. But If you have any questions, go to a trusted jeweler to advise you on how to clean your engagement ring.

We must bear in mind that without a doubt, the best way is to take it to a jewelry workshop, since the finish provided by the machines they have will not be the same as if it is done in a homemade way.

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