If you are looking for original wedding details, opt for pashminas, you will make a difference and also you will not go out of budget because there are the cheapest ones.

Your day will be unforgettable for you without a doubt, but I am sure that you will want your family, friends and other guests to experience the same, so some pashminas will be a good memory of that day, both for its originality and for How practical this accessory is compared to the classic souvenirs that the bride and groom usually offer, which despite their best intentions and financial expense usually end up in any drawer or shelf collecting dust, this with a pashmina does not happen.

In addition, although a priori it can be attributed to a solely feminine complement, it is not true, since pashminas are also a trend in the masculine world of fashion without endangering their masculinity and, there is a multitude of models and colors or patterns, as well as ways to wear them.

I imagine that not all of you who are reading this post have the need to order or think about wedding details, if this is your case or you are one of the lucky ones who have received this accessory as a souvenir, you are in luck, because one of the greatest advantages it is its many uses.

In addition to the most used, wearing them around the neck that can be worn in different ways (rolled around the neck, in the shape of a triangle, tighter or looser …) the possibilities do not end here.

They can be transformed into a nice, cheap and original turban, for this it must be rolled horizontally to the head and finish with knotting the ends or leaving it in the form of a bow; Another way to wear it as a complement to your outfit giving it a bohemian touch is by simulating a headband.

In the event that your pashmina is long you can get a beautiful beach dress to go around your waist and then tie the ends on the back of the neck, if it is shorter you can wear it in the form of a sarong and even a bracelet rolled to your wrist.

We have already seen what a pashmina can give of itself and its versatility now only remains to put it into practice.

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