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Haw To Make The Best Of Brooch Bouquet In 5 Wayss

Haw To Make The Best Of Brooch Bouquet In 5 Wayss

You can never understand how much a brooch bouquet means in making your wedding special until you carry one.

Frequently, we have been asked if there is anything special. And that kind of question could be baffling because a lot of brides have talked about how amazing they felt carrying brooch bouquet. And for some who would have loved to rock it, the thought of paying for a florist could be daunting.

But the truth is that brooch bouquet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Do you know that you can even incorporate any pieces of jewelry handed down to you by your parents or grannies?

Are you ready for the next five amazing revelation? Let’s get along!



Please, before you enter the store to pick a brooch bouquet, consider your budget. As we have said earlier, paying for a classic brooch bouquet could be daunting. Do you want the ancient pieces decorated on your bouquet or the modern ones, – vintage-like pieces of jewelry or pure vintage? The cost varies based on your choice.

2.     THE COLOR

Chic Brooch Wedding Bouquets
Chic Brooch Wedding Bouquets

You have selected your wedding dresses, the theme, wedding venues as well as the interior designs, and an amazing cake has been paid for. But you are still bothered about the class of brooch bouquet you should go for. Well, you don’t have to sweat it.

Here’s a tip: Think about the color that incorporates the color of your wedding dresses, the theme, and even the interior designs of your wedding hall.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t have to be so boring or burdened. What do we mean by this? When color is not well blended, it could be disgusting.  And if it’s disgusting, it could kill the life of all the flower and crystal materials incorporated into making your brooch bouquet look amazing.

Just add a few touches of bright colors and not the deep ones. In case you are bothered about making the right choice for that special day, you can get the help of a florist around to go to the store with you.


brooch wedding bouquet
brooch wedding bouquet

Whether you pick a brooch bouquet from the store or you paid an expert to make one for your special occasion, you can still request the incorporation of special touches.

So, if you have brooches or ancestral pieces of jewelry handed to you, you can make this a part of your bouquet. The bouquet is always yours after the wedding, and in case you can’t keep taking care of it after the wedding; you can still remove your brooches and pieces of jewelry for safe keep again.

Mind you brooch bouquets with special touches are not the type that you throwback to your bridal train for a catch. They are heavy and not even suitable for a throw.

That’s a traditional and good-old way but you don’t have to buy into it. But if you insist, you should just have your designer to make a posy bouquet for you. That’s more suitable for a throw.


Emerald Green Crystal Pearl Cascading Teardrop Brooch Wedding Bouquet
Emerald Green Crystal Pearl Cascading Teardrop Brooch Wedding Bouquet

The shape of the brooch bouquet also matters, don’t let anyone tell you anything else. And it’s so amazing that you can request for any shape that you want. You can have your brooch bouquet shaped a heart, crescent-shaped, or tear-drop.

5.     HEIGHT

Chic Brooch Wedding Bouquets
Chic Brooch Wedding Bouquets

Height is an important factor worthy of consideration when it comes to having an amazing brooch bouquet. Here is the tip: If you are petite, a small, average-height bouquet is recommended. If it’s otherwise, you can always ask your florist to add some crystals or pearls to the wire stems.


We could go on and on talking about tips for getting the best out of whatever you invest in a brooch bouquet. Whatever you pick, you can always put amazing and unique touches to it. And there is no limit to what you can do to your bouquet, just make sure you hire a creative florist. He or she could even make something out of broken wristwatches you have abandoned in your jewelry pouch.

We wish you the best choice.

And we say, have a romantic union.


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