Get beautiful with these rings and pendants made with resin

I am going to show you how you can make rings and pendants in a very easy and fun way.

It is not as difficult as it seems, much less … the result is fantastic.

The base material is epoxy resin. It is a liquid resin that when dried (about 48 hours of drying) has a very beautiful crystal effect and is also very resistant.

To make the rings we need

– Epoxy resin (normally the boxes already come with the complete kit: gloves, mixing glass, pipette, spoon)
– Flexible molds (anything we have at home that has a smooth base and is a bit flexible, such as ice trays, could be useful)
– Ring bases (simple or with filling base)
– Beads, balls, abalarios of all types, as well as dried flowers, sea shells, textiles, metals, ….
– Special glue for jewelry
– Wire

To make the pendants we need

– Epoxy resin
– Pendant bases
– Wire
– Rope or chains
– Pendants for cabochon or cameo to fill

Well, the resin that I have used is Cleopatre, although there are many brands on the market.

It is a two component resin. This means that until you do not mix the "miracle" does not occur.

One part of Gel B (hardener) must be mixed with two parts of Gel A (resin) and mixed for about 10 minutes (see manufacturer's instructions in each case).

After 10 minutes the gel is no longer as liquid and the bubbles have disappeared (very important!).

There are two ways to proceed:

1. Fill the molds that we have previously decorated with beads or flowers or …. and give a fairly thick layer, but without spilling the edges
2. We put the resin on a paper cut to the extent that we are and taking care that it does not go out by the edges (if done little it never gets to go out by the edge) In this case you can only pre-decorate the surface always with plain things like paper and some thread. Below you have examples.
It has to be allowed to dry for about 48 hours until it is completely dry and hard. And then they can be removed from the mold.
3. Using ring bases or special cameo to fill

Here you see the molds:

And this is the glue I use and the (basic) ring bases that I have:

These pendants and this ring are made with option 1. I filled the molds with shells found one summer in Tarragona and the result is beautiful.

Once I did the front part (the pretty one) I proceeded to do the back part. Out of their molds I slowly threw resin until it covered the total surface. As you can see, in the smallest pendant I previously dyed the resin with white acrylic paint. In the biggest pendant I did the same but without so much paint and with a little glitter. The result is very elegant.

This pendant is made with option 2. On a piece of blue magazine I put another piece of brown magazine and on top a piece of squared fabric. I carefully cast the resin on top and let it dry.

To hang the pendants you can make a hole once the resin dries, with a very hot punch (or nail). but I opted for something else, I made with a thick and shiny wire a piece that I attached to the pendant with the same glue that I use for the rings.

Here you see the pendant in front, (it is made with a cutout of a wooden door of a decoration magazine, 6 beads and two pieces of copper wire)

And behind with the piece of wire:

Notice that I finished this work with unstained resin (only with a little glitter) and you can see the back of the cutout of the magazine I used. I think it can be improved.

Other examples:

With threads of 3 different colors

These rings and these pendants are made of form 3. Using special bases to fill. The result is unbeatable, right?

more photos…

You see that there are endless possibilities, the best way is to get carried away and you will surely have spectacular and very original results!

Have a good day!

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