Expert Tips for finding the real Bulgari Diamond Necklace

Famous for its rare, breathtaking, and glamorous collection of the finest men and women accessories, Bulgari is also renowned globally as one of the best brands in jewelry. One of them is its Bulgari diamond necklace.

At the same time, its popularity has made it susceptible to being imitated by counterfeiters. That’s what happens to good things, unfortunately. For a big and famous company like that, you might want to blame it for not doing enough to shield its reputation.

Well, however it tries, there are always cons out there who don’t care. The best thing is to give warning tips that can help customers stay safe when making purchases.

So, here is it. You want to rock Bulgari diamond necklace, you should look out for certain tell-tale signs. They apply to other collections of Bulgari too. Are you ready to know them?

How to find real Bulgari diamond necklace


1.      The Weight of the Material

 The Weight of the Material
The Weight of the Material

Bulgari uses rare and glamorous gemstones for its designs. And consistently, they give the feel of weight when in hand. And this is a simple tip to apply. You hold a piece of bulgari diamond necklace in hand and it feels nothing but light, you have a high chance there that it’s fake.

What if there is a real diamond pendant sparkling through the effect of light and you can’t but love it? That’s why it could be tough to decide what is real or not. But no, don’t be deceived. Diamond pendant is a common trick that doesn’t even cost the fakers anything.

2.      Design, craftsmanship, and specification

Design, craftsmanship, and specification
Design, craftsmanship, and specification

When looking for the best bulgari diamond necklace, you should also pay attention to the design, and craftsmanship.

Believe it or not, it can only look like it; it can’t be it.  For example, Fiorever Necklaces is one of the best collections of diamond necklace which you will always marvel at when you see it adorned.

Fiorever is inspired by the four-petal flower of the Romans which represent happiness and joy in all seasons. Bulgari is so passionate about this life statement incorporated into jewelry. And it has never failed to ensure that its design sparkle when in contact with light.

The four-petal is tied together by a central diamond while each of the petals is also lined about with glowing diamonds.

To put it more accurately, Fiorever necklace boasts of 18kt white gold alongside 0.20 ct diamond and 0.37ct lined diamonds.

So, you see, the difference is always clear. The best you can do before you buy is to read specifications. Then take a step further to compare the picture of the original design with what’s before you.

3.      Brand stamp

  Brand stamp
Brand stamp

To ascertain the authenticity of bulgari diamond necklace, watch out for the stamp of the brand. It’s always marked on every bulgari jewelry whether high or low. Meanwhile, this is not to say that even the counterfeits do not attempt to have the stamp on it.

Let’s describe what or how the stamp looks like.

The bulgari brand stamp is marked as BVLGARI. In some, you will see BVLGARI BVLGARI. This style follows the Roman spelling. So, don’t be confused when you search the web and you find the brand name spelt also as such. But strictly, it’s the Roman spelling that’s stamped on every bulgari accessory. Some other designs may read BVLGARI ROMA.

Note that the fake ones may stamp theirs as BULGARI or simply put “Made in Italy”. So, spot the difference. More so, the spacing of the letters of the stamp is balanced which may not be so with fake ones.

To be on a safer side, always take your time to compare a typical picture of the original design of any bulgari diamond necklace with that which you are picking from the glass.

No compromise- the quality is always clear. The authentic one has clean, smooth, and sharp edges. When it is otherwise –rough, messy, and doesn’t feel gentle on the skin, you shouldn’t buy.


No effort should be disregarded when it comes to establishing the authenticity of bulgari diamond necklace. Don’t just be swept off your feet by the evidence of diamond stone on any necklace.

Beyond the attractiveness of a glowing diamond, look out for the weight; the design and specification; and the stamp of the brand.

Remember, there can never be too much attention paid to something you are paying for.


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