Home Magazine Exhibition of works from amber “Spring mood”

Exhibition of works from amber “Spring mood”

Exhibition of works from amber “Spring mood”

The new exhibition from April 26 to May 26 at the Amber Museum will feature jewelry and interior items created by famous artists-members of the Guild of Amber Craftsmen.

The guild was founded at the end of 2015. The creative association includes recognized jewelers and amber processing masters: Konstantin Bushmelev, Yuri Velikotsky, Mikhail Vorobyov, Lana Egorova, Alexander Korolev, Nikolai Kotov, Pavel Litvinenko, Vladimir Litvinko, Vyacheslav Mishin, Alexander Sumerkin, Alexander Yuritsyn, Elena Tsvolko, Yuri Chashchin. Each of them has his own creative destiny and his own creative style, but they are united by their love for the “Baltic gem” and loyalty to the principles of the work of the guild masters of the past.

Guild members took part in more than 15 exhibitions of international, Russian and regional level. Among them are “Amber Trip” in Vilnius and “Yantar Baltiki” in Kaliningrad.

For many years, the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum has hosted exhibitions that acquaint visitors with the work of Kaliningrad amber artists. They help to strengthen the status of the Kaliningrad region as a center of jewelry and stone-cutting art in Russia and the world and promote Baltic amber as a unique artistic material.

During the Spring Mood exhibition, educational and educational events for visitors will be organized.

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