Exhibition “Bijouterie from vintage to the present day” September 13-15

From 13 to 15 September, Tishinka will host one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the fall – “Bijouterie from vintage to the present day.” Bijouterie is not just a word … Behind it is the art of decorating yourself without diamonds; game, passion, fantasy and improvisation. At the exhibition you will meet collectors of antique jewelry and contemporary extraordinary designers, travelers who bring exotic things and inventors of avant-garde earrings and rings. The range of styles and times is huge – and that’s great.
The traditional special project of each “Bijouterie” acquaints guests with the most unusual or rare jewelry. The topic of the next session is the Grand Tour (a compulsory journey across Europe for adult gentlemen and young ladies of the 18-19th centuries, which lasted several years).
The most detailed and complete information about European voyages of the past with museum-level artifacts will be waiting for you on Tishinka on September 13-15. More than a hundred stands of exhibitors have everything: from silver brooches to bakelite bracelets, from ethnic necklaces to designer men’s rings, as well as glasses, hats, handbags and much more. The range of prices from 300 rubles to tens of thousands allows any visitor to leave with a purchase, and daily lotteries delight with unexpected gifts.
Come. It will not be boring.

Address and opening hours:
Moscow, Tishinskaya square, 1 “T-Module”
September 13-14 from 11:00 to 21:00
September 15 from 11:00 to 20:00
“T-Module”, Tishinskaya square, 1

Ticket price: 200 rubles. For children under 16 years old – admission is free.

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