Engagement ring, our favorites!

The engagement ring previously seals the union that two people have decided to have with each other, and despite being somewhat symbolic, there is no link worth mentioning that it does not start with a beautiful ring placed on the ring finger of the left hand of One of the parties.

The most top engagement rings

They say that a jewel lasts a lifetime, and how love also, time and tradition tells us that there is no better symbol to seal a couple's union than a beautiful jewel.

In this case we talk about the engagement ring, because we love it, and because without it we would not live those moments of incar knee in which one of the two is perplexed by the situation, but in which both overflow happiness throughout.

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Some of them may have a little budget, but it is beautiful and much. Its elegant style and its diamond set in four claws, makes it a favorite par excellence. You can know more about him at Tiffany & Co.

Favorite Engagement Ring - Jewelry - Weddings with style


We always look for the different, and for us this design by Tass Joies has that special charm that an engagement ring must have. Two rings intertwined with a small diamond in the center. It's a pass!

Favorite Engagement Ring - Jewelry - Weddings with style


As they say they define it, the combination of rose gold with a small diamond has become a favorite of much to take that important step. A classic and renewed style! You can know more about him on the Tous website.

Favorite Engagement Ring - Jewelry - Weddings with style


A basic of those that will never go out of style. A round-cut diamond ring to leave the person who doesn't receive speechless. Find it here!

Favorite Engagement Ring - Jewelry - Weddings with style


Is beautiful! Traditional style white gold ring but with a square touch surrounding the small 0.05 carat diamond. You can find more information on the Beaprincess website.

Favorite Engagement Ring - Jewelry - Weddings with style

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