Easy costume jewelry with cold porcelain

In this post a simple idea, but with endless possibilities, which according to creativity, tastes and needs, will open a range of ideas to design your own pieces of jewelry ..

Rings, earrings or tendrils, and necklaces, will be unique and combinable according to your tastes and your clothing. The colors, shapes, small figurines, even imitation stones, we can all achieve it with cold porcelain. As the simple flower that serves to bring you this idea, with which we will make a ring and earrings. Let's do it and you will see how easy it is.

The materials to be used are the following:

* Remains of cold porcelain, dyed blue and black. They are small, remaining portions of large works (cold porcelain painted with acrylic paints) and so do not lose them because if they are very small portions even if we protect them in their respective plastic bags without any air, they will dry or damage, so we must use them Soon, I make flowers or different small pieces and I keep them, so I keep a small stop that will be useful when working large pieces, for different decorations.

* Cutters or molds to make your pieces of jewelry.

* Smooth roller.

* Stakes and tools for working cold porcelain.

* Jewelry pieces.

* White tail if we paste when the dough flower is soft. Or cold silicone if we paste when the flower is dry.

Step by Step

1.- To design pieces to our liking, we will use cutters of different shapes or design our own molds with eva rubber. As I have commented on other occasions, we are not tied to commercial cutters that sell in stores, with eva rubber we can design what we need.

2.- The piece that I bring to you is the simplest and easiest, a flower that is made from a cold porcelain roll.

* We make a dough roll

* We flatten it with the roller

* Roll up

3.- After rolling, we press on the end, taking out a kind of stem. With the hand we separate the roll to form a flower.

4.- Cut to the level of the flower, to leave a flat base to stick on the metal. If the flower is freshly made, we glue with white tail. And if the flower is already dry, we paste with cold silicone.

5.- In my case, with my flowers I mounted a ring and tendrils or earrings. I hope you like it and this idea will help you develop many more.

In my country, a paradise that is going through very difficult moments, but that will happen, like everything in life, because nothing is eternal, only God … just as we appreciate the beautiful times, nothing like the difficult times to temper our character and Learn good things. The darkness or evil is defeated. Because of happiness and light, we must be grateful, but from pain and evil, we learn. So everything is profit. Anyway, I extend in other things haha, I said that in this paradise, it is always a vacation, because we always have a warm climate, which invites us to walk, to laugh, every day bathed in a very warm and friendly sun like U.S. The rainy weather is just that, rain but just as warm. That's why it seemed to me that the pieces of jewelery came just with the summer, because you have to dress, get pretty, paint your mouth and go for a walk. So with my little pieces … and I have "talked a lot of time we know each other" haha ​​… with my little pieces I go to the Friendly Challenge No. 114, organized by our dear friend Mine of the Craftartist blog. To see all the interesting, creative and beautiful proposals click on the image.

Before saying goodbye, I want to invite you to the "Handmade Bloggers" digital magazine that is great, and where I am participating with a small article in the Curiosities section. Thank you for your comments so full of love. Until a next entry. Blessings.

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