Diy: salt rings | Crafts

There was a time that gave me the jewelry and was the only thing that occupied all my free time. Rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings …. every week it premiered something. In addition to the satisfaction of doing it myself, I chose exactly what I wanted and carried it out.

But later, I was craving other things and I changed the suit.

And all this comes because the other day I found some old rings that I didn't wear and decided to transform them completely.

And for this I used walking materials at home and whose result will surprise you … sure!

ring base

"Diamond Glaze" glue

flake salt

food coloring

plastic cups

skewer stick (I thought about it after taking this picture with the brush)

What we do is pour the salt into a glass and then pour the dye. We can mix several colors (which is what I have done). First I took a couple of drops of red dye and only half a drop of blue to get a purple color.

Then we add a few drops of the glue on the base of the ring and then pour the previous mixture with the help of the skewer stick. You can use old tweezers or any other utensil that serves you.

The base must be completely covered, leaving no gap; and then we cover the entire ring again with more glue.

What do you think? Don't you think it's a curious way to make jewelry? Would you wear it for an event?

For those of you on the bridge, enjoy it very much and those who have to work hard!

a huge kiss!!!

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