DIY: Pasta ties

Hello! Hello!!

Today I bring you a DIY with which you surely return to your childhood, it is about rings made with pasta ties. Yes, those we eat for a lifetime hehehe

If there is a classic in children's crafts they are the macaroni necklaces, the pictures with the letters of the soups of letters and these rings of bow ties hehehehe so surely you will have made thousands of small, but I have remembered him, he has I wanted to do it with the girls and it seemed like a good idea to put it around here in case it served anyone.

* Pasta ties
* Paints, enamel, tempera …
* Ring bases or jewelry wire
* Silicone gun or glue

The elaboration It doesn't have much mystery.
The first thing to do is paint the ties at our whim with either spray paint, liquid, tempera, nail polish or even markers, and let them dry.

Now we put a dot of silicone or glue at the base of the ring and place on top the already painted and dry loop and wait a few seconds before releasing it and ready!!

If you don't get the base, do it with the jewelry wire ;] Just take a marker or something round the same diameter as your finger, give it several turns and you already have your base.

Easier they can't be right? And you have no excuse why I give you options and solutions for all the "problems" that might arise. And you see how beautiful they are put and that It is a perfect DIY to do with the smallest of the house. And then don't see how proud they are with them wearing hehehe

I hope you do them !! and if so share your photo in the social networks with the hashtag # DIY so you can see them;]

The you had made small? did you like them?


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