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DIY: How to make a ring jewelry box

DIY: How to make a ring jewelry box

jewelery ring box

I have been trying to do “magic” in my house for a month to keep everything tidy and it seems that the system is working quite well. My wardrobe is the same as a month ago and I find everything the first time, with which I am more than delighted.

A few days ago it was the turn of the jewels, or rather, the costume jewelery, because I am flawed of all these things and I had everything messed up. So the first thing I have done is order the rings with this practical jewelry box for rings. I have reused a metal box of chocolates to do it and a cloth that was left over from a kimono and that is doing very well.

How do you see the rings They are very well placed and at a glance you see them all, so it is easier to decide which one to wear.

A rather flat metal box
A piece of cloth
Cushion padding, wadding or cotton.
Meter, scissors, needle and thread.
White glue
(See attached video)
*To calculate the number of curlers necessary, divide the length of the box by 2.2.
Example: my box measures 18cm 18 / 2,2 = 8 approximately.
* To make the roll The width of the fabric will always be 8cm and the long It will be: the length of the box adding 1.5cm.
Example: my box measures 16.5cm 16.5 + 1.5 = 18 cm
* I have sewn it by machine, but if you don’t have it you can do it by hand perfectly.

ring jewelry box

Here I leave you another idea to organize your little things, this jewelry tree, It is also very decorative and the next DIY blog will also be related to order.


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