Decorate your back with necklaces –

There’s no doubt that this is the perfect time to

make the necklaces that adorn the back into fashion at the cleavage site. Although the red carpet has long made us look like we wear the necklace out of fashion.

The best views are hidden in the back. It will highlight the wonderful back cleavage.

The key to getting along with this trend is to opt for necklaces with decorations of a certain weight, so that they fall gracefully over the back.

The hair must be up and the dresses must have a back cleavage in the shape of a vine to show off the jewelry in the best possible way.

The simpler the dress, the more opportunity you will have to experiment with this style.

With a mixture of the subtle and the tribal.

One chain can make all the difference. Perfect for decorating that boring sweater.

Deck your back with necklaces!

Needless to say, the back cleavage still triumphs.

Put them together, what do you expect?

Any type of collar will work, even those with small, large and maxi collars.

Your back deserves to be propped up every once in a while, too.

You’re gonna love it.

Necklaces will now have more than one purpose in life.

Who said you can’t be sexier without losing your elegance? Why don’t you?

Dare to take it!

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