Crop top summer crochet recycling soda rings

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I am back after a few weeks of not publishing content, today I bring you a very easy, beautiful and quick video tutorial, we will also recycle a few soda rings for those who are recycling lovers like me this tutorial is coming to you great.

Today we will learn how to make a nice crochet crop top and using soda rings to make a nice ornament on the neck, it is not because I did it but the truth has been great.

I love the design because with it we can do three things, a croptop like the one I am showing you, we can also make a blouse that reaches more or less at the waist, we can also make a dress or a bathrobe, we can really vary a lot according to how long we want it.

The detail in the neck is something wonderful, it looks great and gives a touch of brightness to the garment, if you do not like the silver color that is the natural color of many rings, you can paint them in the color that you like and that this in combination with the colors you use for your crop top.

The stitch is very easy to make, they are very simple points that beginners can make, it is not necessary to be an old weaver, this stitch is made for everyone.



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I like to recycle

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