Crochet soft drink ring bag: we recycle and create

Do you have soda rings, wool, a zipper and a crochet by hand??? … well, it's all you need to knit this bag model that I designed to wear this summer
I have become a sailor, but the colors are your choice …. have fun weaving!

If you dare ….. we start !!!!

We are going to knit mini-grannys with two rings, for this we position them in this way after having flattened the edges with a plier

Source: we position them this way

1st round: we start weaving the central union making it 4bp — we continue doing 10 bp around the next space — another 4bp in the union — we end up with 11bp and 1pd sliding on the first dc

Source: 1st round

2nd round: we make 1 cad – 6pb — (1st corner) 🙁 1pb + 3cad + 1pb) at the same point — 3pb — 2nd corner: (1pb + 3cad + 1pb) at the same point– -9pb —- 3rd corner: (1pb + 3cad + 1pb) at the same point — 3pb — 4th corner: (1pb + 3cad + 1pb) — 3pb — 1slide on the first knitted point of is back

Source: 2nd round

3rd round: 1cad — 7pb — corner: (1pb + 2cad + 1pb) at the same point — 5pb — corner: (1pb + 2cad + 1pb) at the same point — 11 bp- – corner 🙁 1pb + 2cad + 1pb) at the same point — 5pb — corner: (1pb + 2cad + 1pb) at the same point — 4pb — 1 pdeslized the first knitted point of this round —
top off

Source: 3rd round

To make the final granny, we need to have these two mini grannys

Source: we have two mini grannys

We sew the two "mini" in this way, taking one side of the chain of each point

Source: we sew this way

We are almost done with granny: D

Source: the whole granny

Now, with a contrasting color, we go around the whole granny, doing in the corners (1pb + 2cad + 1pb) at the same point

Source: we finish in contrast color

This is the granny base, depending on the size you want for your bag you will have to knit more or less squares ..

In my case I used 28 grannys for each front of the bag, 5 for each side and 8 for the base.

I used 6 balls of wool: 2 red, 2 navy and 2 white 100gr. each.

This is the front, at the top of each of them I wove 5 white dots

Source: frontal

This is the side: the grannys on the sides are positioned vertically

Source: lateral

The zipper is woven with a round all around it and sewn to the 5-turn white bp strip on each front

The handles are, in my case, two strips woven to dc 10 points wide …, but both the length and width will depend on how you want to do it and your taste

Source: zipper

Inside I lined it and put pockets and an acetate strip lined with the same fabric to reinforce the base

Source: lining

And that's how my maxi-sailor bag looks and looks

Source: wearing my maxi bag: D

I hope you like it and if you dare to knit it, enjoy it 🙂

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