Cone-shaped ring display

Very good to everyone! As I know that in summer we are not very attentive to social networks and we prefer beach to computer, today I leave you a quick, simple and very successful entry. Let's do this plaster ring display. Do we start

To start we will see the materials:
Soft cardboard.

And that's it The only thing we are going to have to do is a cone with the soft cardboard, put the plaster inside, wait for it to get hard and if we want to polish it a little, sand it, and that's it. In the video you will see the whole process much better. Do not tell me that the rings are not very colorful and computer. And this not only serves for a house.

If you have a store or do crafts and sell them in a market, what better display than one made by yourself and super cheap. What are you waiting for? We see each other in my social networks and in Youtube. Have a good summer, bye!

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