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Chanel Constellation Astrale necklace and ring

Chanel Jewelry Director Patrice Legero traveled to Venice with a sketchbook filled with vibrant drawings, dazzling colors and unusual design ideas that imbue the beauty of everyday Venetian life. This is how the impressive Escale à Venise high jewelery collection was born, consisting of 70 pieces.

Through a sparkling lattice of sculptural patterns and natural stones – from ornamental lapis lazuli to precious sapphires and diamonds – Chanel showcases an impressive collection of high jewelery inspired by Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel’s trips to Venice.

The royal lion is no stranger to the brand’s products, and in this collection, the magnificent animal reappears in the Lion Emblématique jewelry set, surrounded by yellow sapphires, gold, platinum and diamonds.

The Eblouissante transformable necklace is inspired by Venetian architecture and delicately weaves a geometric pattern of pink spinel, white diamonds and pearls. In turn, the Constellation Astrale captures and mesmerizes with the depth and richness of blue lapis lazuli.

The Volute Vénitienne set is one of the most literal interpretations of the city, featuring gondolier mooring poles in blue and white stripes. The eye-catching Volute Crosière ring celebrates water with a luxurious centerpiece sapphire surrounded by yellow gold, onyx and diamonds.

Of course, nothing can replace the opportunity to see the romantic city on the water with your own eyes. But while you haven’t been here yourself, why not grab a piece of it as one of the pieces in the Chanel Escale à Venise high jewelery collection?

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