Cardboard ring holder shaped like a sofa | ✄ Organizer for Rings and Earrings | Cardboard

Learn how to make this original Ring Holder with a Sofa / Armchair shape with the cardboard technique! Organize your earrings and rings ♥♥♥

Canvas or printed cotton fabric
foami or eva rubber
White glue

First we will start cutting our templates with the shape of the armchair, the templates can be downloaded from my facebook, So on the cardboard mine is 3 mm, we will mark the shape of our templates, and with the help of an exact we cut. Let's start forming the arm elbows.
In total we must make 4 pieces for elbow pads, we must cut 2 pieces of cardboard with the following measures.
We need white glue or white glue to glue everything, with the roller or a brush we put the white glue on the cardboard and glue it on the fabric, the fabric is cut 4 cm larger than the piece of cardboard, then we must make cuttings in Vertical the narrowest sides. On the cardboard elbow we place cold silicone, we place it on the shore and we will glue around with the cardboard piece to glue all the cloth tabs we do it with brush and white glue

We repeat this step for the other side of the cardboard and so we form the armchair's elbow, remember that we must have 2 of these pieces.
Now we go with the box for the rings you must cut 2 sides and 2 pieces that will be the front and back with these measures, and we re-cover them with fabric, we put the white tail to the cardboard and paste it to the fabric. Here you must remove the excess fabric with a cutter or in my case with a circular fabric cutter, we just have to leave a tab on one of the long sides, we also stick that tab. You can help yourself with a spatula to make it smooth.
Repeat these steps with all the pieces to form the box we put white glue on one of the short sides.
On this we place the front that is longer and secure with adhesive tape, place glue on the other short side and paste the turn that is the other long piece.
So we get this rectangle shape, you should always ensure with tape so that it does not move.

To start forming the chair, we glue the elbows that we form on the 2 sides on the short sides to start forming the chair.
So that the armchair has a base we need another piece of cardboard of the following measures and to glue it to the bottom place white glue all over the edge, place your piece to cover everything and we return to secure with tape, the remaining eyelashes of elbow fabric we paste them in the base.
Finally we will make the backrest of the armchair, on a piece of cardboard place the template and copy the shape and with an exact cut.
We re-line the piece with cloth, take care that it is always well smoothed and on the circular parts we make many little cuts to be able to fold the fabric
we line the backrest with the white glue, just see all the fabric tabs bending and finally paste the piece on the back of the chair.
So that the front part looks better finished, I covered it with a piece of cardboard lined with cloth, to be able to place our rings we see some foamy rolls or eva rubber so cut 6 pieces with these measures, with the cold silicone you have The shape of the roll. We repeat this step with the 6 strips
and our armchair-shaped ring organizer is finished, it will be beautiful on your dresser.

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