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The boho chic long necklaces it is definitely a hot trend right now. Let’s get into it right away and explore the different ways to wear jewelry in this style.


What is chic style?

The chic lifestyle is mostly about free spirit, calm mind, and individualism when it comes to fashion trends.

If you want to get a gypsy look inspired by this style and at the same time a chic look, be sure to focus on loose and flowing fabrics. Earthy and natural colors are also very popular. Elements such as tassels and fringes are typical of the bohemian style. We can find such components hanging on shoes, bags, jackets, tops, etc.

Fringes and tassels are essential to achieve the perfect bohemian look …

These people are very nature oriented. We can see many pieces in bohemian inspired jewelry that represent nature of some kind. For example, most of her jewelry and clothing have feathers or animal or flower designs and plant components.

Flower embroidery is a must when it comes to this style.

You can also focus more on maxi dresses, anything with fringes and tassels, kimonos, ankle boots, head wraps, and nature-inspired jewelry.

Boho-chic style long jewelery necklaces, learn to choose yours.

If you are totally ready to embrace this style, we bring you very useful tips for you to bring this style to your jewelry box.

1. Bohemian-inspired fringe necklace for a whimsical and symbolic look

Fringe necklaces are a key element of the bohemian-inspired style. Fringes are normally used to complete the edges of our clothing or jewelry. They serve mainly as a decorative part of clothing or accessories and allow us to add some length to our style.

Add a fringed necklace to add dimension to your bohemian look

This type of fringe necklace with a statement stone in the center could be worn for casual outfits or dresses, depending on the occasion.

Usually the fringes are made of suede or leather threads, but when it comes to jewelry, they simply hang silver or gold strips that give our look dimension and a very Indian style.

2. Delicate layered necklaces for a romantic look.

Put a smile on your face along with a blush color or an all white top that goes well with a delicate layered necklace and you will easily achieve the perfect romantic bohemian look.

If you like to stroll through the narrow streets of the beautiful places dressed in lace, ruffles or velvet, then approach with a rather simplistic discreet necklace, which could be a great complement to your outfit.

You can wear the bohemian style in long necklaces and we assure you that they are fabulous.

The options are endless when it comes to layer necklaces in this style because they can be adorned with many different pendants or symbolic lucky charms that could represent your hopeless romantic persona.

You can try to get an over-the-top look by matching lots of bracelets and rings with different types of necklaces. For example, a very long, chunky necklace with a shorter, very delicate chain could balance your overall appearance very well.

3. For beach life inspired fashion add a shell necklace with silver pendants.

If you are a wild child and you are attracted to unobstructed beaches, you can add a shell choker to your beachwear. Nature inspired necklaces are very typical of the style and look amazing on the skin.

The shell choker with silver pendants looks very original and eye-catching. You can wear this natural choker at festivals, camping, or on any of your next trips to a sunny destination.

This style also looks great with our earrings.

In addition to its authentic style, the shell choker can give you a very tempting look when you pair it with a bikini in this crocheted style and a beach coverlet.

Tip: If you are already obsessed with this look, but can’t find any shell choker in stores, make sure you own a shell choker.

4. For an unpredictable look, add the suede choker to your clothes.

Suede chokers can always be designed in a gypsy-inspired way by adding, for example, other typical elements of the bohemian subculture. A loose, flowing dress with lots of other jewels to complete the look.

In our store you can also find original and cheap watches to get a complete look.

  • The floral dresses and suede choker are a great combination for a gypsy-inspired look.
  • Try to complement your outfit by adding beige or brown boots with a small heel so that you can walk comfortably.

As you can see, there are many ways to bring this style to your jewelry box, choose your favorite shape and impress with your unique and incredible look.


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