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Best Guides For Women Brooches with 20 Best selection

Best Guides For Women Brooches with 20 Best selection

Brooches have come to stay for women. However, despite being available in various designs and materials, most women are yet to fully incorporate brooches into their fashion statement.

We have received a lot of questions from curious women. In this category of women are newbies and experts in fashion accessories. They ask questions ranging from the best ways to adorn women brooches to how many can be adorned on an outfit, among others.

The questions we have received about women brooches are so enormous that we can answer only but a few in this article.

So, let’s answer five questions that serve as best guides for dating women brooches.

Best Guides for Dating Women Brooches

Best Guides for Dating Women Brooches
Best Guides for Dating Women Brooches

1. What are the best ways to style brooches?

As a woman, you can style your brooch in many ways. They are highlighted below:

  • Adorn it up on your lapel or shoulder. When the brooch is higher up, it looks better and helps you get more attention.
  • Wear it in the middle. Traditionally, most women love to wear their brooch on either of their shoulders. What about wearing it in the middle of a high-necked top? Or maybe a halter neck? It would drop just like a necklace without a chain.
  • Pin it on a collar. You don’t have to always pin your brooch on the jacket. You can do that on your collar and it will come out nicely.
  • Use it as a pendant. You can put your brooch on a chain that blends. Your brooch just found amazing to serve as a pendant.
  • Pin it on the closure of the scarf tied around your neck or head.
  • Pin it to the waist. Pinning women brooches to the cloth along the waistline is another way to make an impressive fashion statement.
  • More than one at a time. You see, you don’t have to stop at one. Like earrings, women brooches can be grouped on your shoulder or lapel.
  • Hat it. Women brooches can be used to decorate hats. It looks so stunning, you must have come across one before and wondered if it’s straight from hat makers. Well, you can style it by yourself.

2. What kind of brooches can I choose?

Don’t forget that women brooches also make fashion statements. And the style of brooch you choose also says something about your traits. Having established that, let’s talk about the kinds of brooches available for women.

  • Feminine. This kind of woman brooches has quite a long of bling-bling and delicate details. Of course, these kinds are the most common in stores.
  • Quirky. These kind of women brooches are traditional, from the 1970s. But it doesn’t mean it out of place to adorn it as your fashion statement. It’s still youthful. And it’s a great way to stand out among the flock of other kinds of women brooches.
  • Classic. The women brooches found under this kind are old fashioned yet youthful. Well, maybe the younger women should leave this for the old classy women.
  • Personality brooches. This kind of woman brooches says something profound about what you love. It’s a great way to pick something that emphasizes what means so much to you.

So, what are the tips in choosing a women brooch that does not pass across the wrong fashion statement?

  1. Go for the quirky kind if you have a creative personality.
  2. If you have a relaxing outlook, or at least looks like you appreciate it; avoid the feminine kind.
  3. If you love to make it clear that you are rebellious, ditch the feminine style. Go for brooches with snake-like, lion-like, eagle-like, and scorpion-like shapes.
  4. If you want to emphasize your feminine details, go for the bling-bling and delicate details.

3. When can I wear a brooch?

There is no restriction on when and where you can wear a woman brooch. All that matters is picking one that matches your simplicity or sophistication.



There is no manner in which you can wear women brooches. We have talked about different ways in which you can style any above.

Also, before you choose, make sure you understand your personality traits. Since women brooches are also part of fashion statements, you don’t want to pass across the wrong message about what you stand for.

Do you have more questions for us? Feel free to send them in.


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