Amazing works made with tin rings

We all know that today is take care of planet and that is why it is also worth knowing ideas to leave a green footprint in the planet.

Today I will give you craft ideas that you can do with can rings, are original projects that will help you Recycle this type of material, so take note and get to work.

1. Fruit bowl

This fruit bowl has a very simple shape, it is circulating very deeply so that everything you want to place there fits perfectly. You can use it in different ways, such as putting fruit, food or utensils that are used in the kitchen. The essential material for this work is a thick rope or loop and resistant, to ensure that all the pieces are well together.

2. Bag

Only three materials are used for this bag: yarn, tin rings and a cloth base. You can give it many uses, from load your super purchases even for holidays where you have everything you need for a stay on the seashore.

3. bracelet

With this job you can let your creativity fly and add other materials, textures and applications. Is a versatile accessory since you can use it on the part of the body that you like, from the wrist to the ankle. It is important to take the measurement and make the length of the bracelet so that it looks good on the person who is going to use it.

4. Tablecloth

An amazing idea for decorate the table from your dining room From table runner or individual for diners, you decide the size and style. You can make it the color that matches your home and it is an economical and original craft.


5. Lamp

For your room or the living room, one lamp With this material you can create a lighting with effecto o figures, in addition to that you can paint and decorate to your liking, to make it look elegant.

6. Necklaces

The necklaces They are a blank canvas In which you can add or remove as much as you want, you can do many for different occasions, from a formal dinner to a casual departure.

7. Earrings

Long, short, large, small, black, white and colored, in these ways is how these are presented beautiful accessories, which accompany you throughout the day and night. The Rooted are a very impressive complement and highlight the personality.

8. Curtains

If you have more time, you could make some curtains for your living room. This will take you more hours of work and dedication, but the result will be very nice and rewarding.

9. Water bottle cover

You can take your water bottle or thermos with style, making a ring cover. Paint them in colors or add other materials that can make this a unique accessory.

10. Keychain A small accessory and that is very easy to do; decorate your keys with a cute keychain rings of cans.

I hope you can put into practice some of these ideas are crafts that can be useful for your daily life and make projects with your children on the weekend. Tell me how you left. See you soon.

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