A pleasure to recover dirty jewelry with these easy and inexpensive cleaning tricks

Hi there. How are you? I am going to explain my method to clean jewelry, I am going to clean several necklaces, bracelets, earrings, various ornaments of different materials. I have wood bone combined with glass, stone and metal. Fine stones, porcelain, hand-painted ornaments, string cords with metal pendants, earrings and various bracelets are lit. There is a little of everything, but there is nothing of silver.

Cleaning the jewelry that I like the most

I haven’t cleaned them in a long time. Some look pretty dirty and some are less noticeable, but all need a good overhaul. I am going to use a container for water, baking, soda toothpaste, hand, plate, soap, oil, jelly, metal, cleanser, clear, nails, polish, a very soft natural bristle brush and a toothbrush. I put water in the bowl and add a small plate. Soap, I put all the elements in this soapy water so that the dirt first softens everything or the metal bracelets.

Cleaning rings and earrings is possible to give them a new life

The ring, then the most delicate earrings, a ceramic pendant, the wooden necklace, the pendants with fine stones and, finally, the bone necklace. I let everything soak. While I prepare what I need, I put half a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl. I add the equivalent of another half a tablespoon of toothpaste and stir well to form a paste this way. The bicarbonate does not react with the water, add a little water and stir to dissolve the baking soda paste in the water and toothpaste.

It was time to start cleaning the pieces. I start with the bone necklace. I use the soft brush and train him in the cleanser made with baking soda, toothpaste, and water. I gently rub the entire surface of the necklace from the front and back with clean, well-cleaned water to remove any residue from the cleaner and dry it. Well, with a soft microfiber cloth, spread it out on a kitchen paper to completely dry in the shade once it is completely dry.

I do the second step to protect it and give it a natural shine. I use petroleum jelly. I put a little bit on my fingers and rub all the pieces of the necklace to impregnate myself. As the petroleum jelly nourishes the bone of the necklace, it protects the metal closure so that it does not rust and polishes it in a very pleasant way. Let it rest well impregnated for a few minutes so that the petroleum jelly has time to penetrate the pores of the bone. Finish the process by removing the excess petroleum jelly with a paper napkin of the first ready collar.

Jade can be cleaned too

I do the same with the green jade necklace and the wooden one with the metallic jewels. The process is different. I use a special metal cleaner. I put some in a container. I start with the bracelet down to the metals, I use the dry toothbrush.

The bracelet a little when taking it out of the soapy water, impregnated, the toothbrush, clean the metals and rub or all over to do this. I wear gloves because the dirt that comes out of the metal is always very black and it stains my hands a lot. I leave the bracelet on a napkin to mentally dry and clean. I do the same with the earrings. The other bracelets follow.

After cleaning, polish and remove impurities from the polish

The same procedure is already dry, cleans metals. So I take out the bracelet to polish it. See how the shine is coming off and how the napkin turns black. It has been impeccable, the earrings follow the same process, but once polished I will give them a coat of transparent nail polish to maintain the shine for longer. The stones in this bracelet are made of painted ceramic and are quite worn.

Protect your most delicate jewelry decorations with enamel

I am going to protect this decoration with a layer of transparent enamel, slightly yellowish, to slightly tone the white color of the worn areas. I also take the opportunity to protect the chain from rust. I leave you some before and after images of several of the pieces that I cleaned, although the difference is much more appreciated in nature than in the photographs, and that’s the way it is. The video subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to not miss the news. Go through the thread that starts from the dotcom, where you have many other tips, see you

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